Monday, 12 December 2011

shop my closet - another ebay edition

Hi guys!

Tonight there's just some self-advertising going on here on my little blog. I put up some lovely pieces at Ebay and if you like you can take a look at them. I offer international shipping on request, so if you're interested in something I can find out the shipping costs for you.

chunky Asos Faux Crystal necklace

Vintage Granny cardigan, size 40

H&M The Garden dress, size M

H&M striped pleated skirt, size 42

Mazine knit beanie

Gil Bret cashmere dufflecoat, size 38

Pieces Norwegian style legwarmers

Zero shimmering skirt, size 42

Vintage genuine leather patchwork bag

Yep, that's pretty much everything I did today, Ebay auctions, listening to Band of Horses... well okay and spent the first half of the day with my dad and his girlfriend to visit the Christmas market.
Hope you had a lovely Sunday too?!

now playing: band of horses - part one
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  1. I love that striped skirt. It's super adorable.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Those leg warmers are so cute. Wanna have!!! Und nur so nebenbei - du hast einen tollen Style und ich mag es, wie du manchmal Dinge kombinierst, die eigentlich nicht zusammenpassen! :)

  3. your Sunday did sound very lovely! i love these clothes they're gorgeous.


  4. Some cute adorable items you have...what a good idea to shop your it. Happy day to you.

  5. you are getting rid of so much good stuff!!


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