Saturday 29 October 2011

folding stars

Hi guys!

It's finally Saturday! And as I took next Monday off and as Tuesday is a holiday I'm looking forward to an awesome long Halloween weekend. We were invited to a friend's apartment party, so I tried to improvise a costume, but more about that after Halloween...
What are your plans for the next days? Something fun I hope?

♥ coat + scarf: h&m ♥ shirt, bag + boots: ebay ♥ jeans: zara ♥ belt: topshop ♥ necklace: new yorker ♥

The photos were taken at the beginning of the week when it was pretty windy, so I preferred pants instead of skirts. I got this mini dress via Ebay and it has the perfect length to be worn as a longer tunic, so I gave it a go with my skinny jeans and ankle boots. I don't really like how the boots underline the shape of my legs, but oh whatever, they're warm, comfy and water-resistant, that's what is important.

Yesterday I met some friends at the Moyo's in Cologne for our monthly girls night. We had some delicious Southern US/Creole food, cocktails and so much fun! You know when girls start to remember school time, talk about teachers, boys, parties back then... some old stories really cracked me up, it was hilarious :)
A few photos so you get an impression:

Now I'll get ready for a birthday party tonight.
I'll try to get back to your comments tomorrow :)
Have an amazing Saturday everyone!

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  1. I am sooo loving this dress, it's gorgeous, looks great with all the layers you're wearing!! Sometimes dressing for the weather is the absolutely most important thing.
    That food looks soooo good

  2. Das Kleid ist super cool! Ich liebe dies Batik Muster und in der Farbe auch noch!

  3. das Kleid ist wirklich schoen! View spass heute abend!

  4. toll toll tolles outfit :)
    das kleid gefällt mir besonders

    ich hab eigentlich nach der arbeit nichts mehr essen wollen aber nach deinen essensbildern.. mjamjam :D

    viel spaß heut abend!

  5. Ohlala, großartiges Outfit! Du sieht klasse aus. :)

    Und ihr Glücklichen, in Hamburg muss man Dienstag arbeiten. :(

  6. What a great dress and lovely colours!
    We don't have a longstanding Halloween tradition here in Hungary, so I only celebrate on my blog. :)

  7. i always love talking about the past, so many fun memories and i've hardly made any new ones! it's just that everyone around here seems to be such a carbon copy of someone else that you really can't enjoy anything like the old days.
    you look amazing and i love your dress/tunic and how you styled it!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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