Sunday 2 October 2011

the riverside

Hi guys!

I woke up this morning (okay to be honest it was already noon...) with a terrible headache and haven't been able to do anything useful since then. A bit of cleaning up and grocery shopping but that's it. And as summer has decided to make up for the not summery weather in July and August now I've been sweating the whole day. So headache plus sweating is not very nice, actually I'm starting to think that the headache derives from the recent weather. The other day I was telling you about a lovely Indian summer in Germany but forget what I wrote, it's not that nice anymore. I was so looking forward to autumn and now it just doesn't want to come and that's probably what gives me a headache and makes me useless today. Anyway...

♥ cardi, shirt, skirt + bag: h&m ♥ belt: primark ♥ shoes: head ♥ necklace: birthday gift ♥

Last Sunday I met with my Mum after we hadn't seen each other for some weeks (due to my second Budapest trip and all). She was in Düsseldorf anyway due to the unpleasant incident that her boyfriend's mother is in hospital with heart problems. So we met at the hospital, visited Mrs. S. and went to the Rhine afterwards because she and her boyfriend needed some cheering up.
We went to the riverside a bit outside of the city where it looks like in the country actually. There is a little beach, green fields around and a restaurant boat where we went after a little walk.
It was beautiful weather, a nice breeze and later on you could watch the sunset over the water with all the slowly fading different shades of red and pink.

I think I've said it before, I can't imagine to live in a city without a river running through it anymore. Even if you don't see the river everyday you know it's there and.. I don't know, I just like it. I think most people don't even know to appreciate going over the bridge by tram almost every morning and seeing the pretty city skyline. Well, I do and it always makes me think that i couldn't live in a better place :)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. schönes outfit! :)
    wo genau bist du denn da? sieht aus wie die brücke nach neuss?

  2. I'd love to have some sort of water near me, It's so calming. There's the river nenn (ive probs spelt this wrong) running through northampton but it's so tiny!
    Love this midi skirt, so flattering


  3. beautiful, beautiful photos! i should say i love your t-shirt a lot!

  4. Sehr schön! Genau so sehe ich das auch! Und diese wundervollen sonnenuntergänge darf ich mir momentan jedes mal bei der Arbeit angucken. Yay für rheinblick!

  5. Such lovely photos, I love living in a city with a river running through it too, I should maybe take some photos of ours!
    I also really don't like it when the weather changes its mind like that, we are meant to be in spring now but the weather has turned back to winter... not that I LOVE summer that much or anything hehehe...

  6. i love this shirt!! your pictures are so beautiful and idyllic. the rhine must be a splendid place to visit.

  7. hope you feel better.
    these pictures are beautiful.
    that shirt is perfect. i have been really loving southwestern patterns lately.

  8. I like your blog and this post *

    Look and you see me *

  9. sehr schönes outfit ♥ ♥ ♥

    ♡ ♡ ♡ Lieben Gruß

  10. oh, der rhein ♥
    dein rock gefällt mir :)

  11. Schöne "Kulisse"! :)
    Und wieder ein hübsches Outfit, das Top ist toll.

  12. Lovely images...sorry to hear about your headache...hope you are feeling like yourself soon. xoxoxox

  13. ohhh, sehr schöne Bilder & sehr schönes Outfit (mit deinem "berühmten" H&M Rock ;D)
    Gestern war ich auch am Rhein und der Sonnenuntergang war einfach so, so toll! :)

  14. Darling outfit! That skirt is so nice

  15. you look so adorable love! i hope that your headache goes away, those are always bad :(. it sounds like the weather in Germany is turning into the same weather we have here in Georgia! We can have 70-80 degree days in DECEMBER. Lol!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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