Thursday 20 October 2011

raffaelo cupcakes recipe

Hi guys!

This week is packed with lots of different things to do for me so I didn't have much time for outfit pics yet and actually I only wore comfortable simple looks the last days, so nothing interesting and fancy.
Instead of an outfit I have this recipe for incredibly delicious white chocolate coconut goodness for you. I tried it on Sunday for the first time and must admit my topping was too liquid to look nice, but the cupcakes tasted so so good! Hm yummyyyyy!

What you need...

...for the dough:
250g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
150g dark chocolate
100g butter
2 eggs
200g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
100ml coconut milk
100ml milk
16 Raffealos (or other coconut confection)

for the icing:
400g powdered sugar
200g white chocolate
125g butter
80ml coconut milk
1tsp vanilla extract

1. Pre-heat the oven on 175° C. Melt the butter and chocolate for the dough in a double-boiler or in the microwave.

2. Mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Slowly add the eggs, sugar, milk, coconut milk and vanilla extract with continuous stirring.

3. Here comes the sweet mess: crumble the Raffaelos (remove the almond inside) and add them to the dough.

4. Fill the dough into the baking forms or a muffin baking dish and put them into the oven for about 20 minutes.

5. Now they should look like this (or prettier haha). Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of them after putting the icing on top so I had to borrow some pics from the German recipe website ;)

6. For the icing melt the butter and the white chocolate. Let it cool down a bit, then addcoconut milk, vanilla extract and also food coloring if you like. Add the powdered sugar and stir until smooth.
Now you can put it on the cupcakes with an icing bag and decorate everythign with sugar crumbles or other decoration.
It can look like this...

...or like this,...

...whatever you like :)

Bon appétit! And happy Wednesday!

P.S. The German recipe can be found here. The pictures 1, 7 and 8 are borrowed from there.
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  1. MMMMM sounds amazing! I am such a cupcake fanatic, I love them allll. I shall have to test this out

  2. Wow...these do look amazing my friend...i love baking...I think I need a baking day is my therapy.xoxo

  3. Oh dear, it all look delicious! I always wanted do bake cupcakes but I'm always too lazy to do it. I really need to try it :)

  4. Wie gut! Ich hab letztes Wochenende auch Cupcakes gemacht und das Raffaelo-Rezept war in der engeren Auswahl :) Hab mich dann aber für dunklen Teig mit weißem Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting entschieden. Beim nächsten Mal sind aber Raffaelo-Cupcakes fällig! Die sehen so guuuut aus! :) Lg

  5. *drool*




    You've just encouraged me to get my apron on for the first time in weeks.

  6. Oh wow, this looks so yummy :) I tried to bake today, and it didn't look nearly as good as this :( Maybe I'll follow your recipe! xxx

  7. Oh wow, they look amazing. I want!

  8. boa das klingt sooo so lecker!!!

  9. I like all kind of cupcakes actually I want to surprise my Online pharmacy reviews's friends making something delicious like this.


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