Thursday 6 October 2011

north park

Hi guys!

How is everyone doing today? I hope everything's fine, it's the middle of the week so there are only two more days to go until the weekend :)
You know what? After my low point mood last week I have started feeling more productive again and that's so nice. The last few weeks after my Budapest trip made me so lazy because I didn't have anything special to do, no term papers, no books to read etc. Of course I like having nothing to do but browsing the web or watching your favourite series, I mean who wouldn't? However it feels good to do something useful again, especially concerning university. The next semester is about to begin and I hope it will be the final step before my bachelor thesis, it's high time for me to finish this part of my studies soon.
Furthermore I need to figure out how to organize my days for the coming weeks because my uni schedule is fuller than ever this time and I also want to get to a certain gym routine and one for blogging, cooking, homework and housework. Phew...

♥ shirt: gina tricot ♥ jeans: zara ♥ bag: pimkie ♥ shoes: kappa ♥

Okay before I start to bore you with my plans I rather say something about the photos: I told you me and Patrick went to the park on Monday as it was a holiday and tadaa these are some of the pics.
We went to the North Park, a big green area between city, tradefair and the Rhine. It's a lovely place with different gardens, fountains etc. The weather was perfect so a lot og people had the same idea and wandered around, lay in the grass or played soccer and many children floundered about in the water, everything felt rather like a mild summer day.
We took a walk around the main areas of the park, but unfortunately we took the wrong way somewhere and thus missed out the Japanese Garden. I'll try to go there again soon, hopefully before autumn has fully arrived...

I wish there were more days like this Monday, they would make life so much nicer. That's a kind of resolution I made for fall/winter: despite the weather we have to go out more. It's relaxing, interesting and a good way to get me tired so don't lie awake in the evenings. The last few weeks did not only made me lazy but they also ruined my sleeping habits ;)

After our walk in the park we got ourselves some food and dessert to spend the rest of the day on the sofa with some episodes of Planet Earth, aaah perfect day off.
Here is the rest of the photos:

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Great outfit sweetie!
    Thank you for following my blog!
    I love your Shirt in the pictures!

    Auf Wiedersehen!
    (My german isn't so gut! :P)

    Have the rest of Wednesday good!

    Kisses from:

  2. What a lovely day! I cant wait to have a day off as tranquil as yours!

  3. It looks like you had a great day! I miss having days like those! :)

    You look lovely, that skirt is really pretty!

  4. cute outfit, and beautiful photos


  5. Oh gosh how beautiful! I love the scenery and you just look absolutely adorable. I love that plaid on you! I love the photo of you and the mister together, you both look like you're glowing so much. I'm really glad to hear that you're out of your slump dear!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  6. What a dreamy location <3 I love your top too - and the belt looks perfect with it!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Schoene Fotos! Ich finds auch schwierig, im Winter abends aus dem Haus zu gehen, vor allem weil es ja schon um 4 oder so anfaengt dunkel zu werden. Aber is wirlich besser, und es ist ja auch noch nicht ganz Winter.

  8. What a perfect autumn outfit! too bad you missed the Japanese garden, but it looks like such a pretty park, hopefully you will go there to visit again soon!


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