Tuesday, 4 October 2011

let's love death away

Hi guys!

I hope everyone of my German readers had a lovely long weekend (it's Unification Day today so we all had a day off). Patrick and me spent the whole forenoon in the bathroom to clean it, it was high time to go back to our normal cleaning routine after we had not managed to do it since... well you don't want to know ;)
When the bathroom was all shiny and looked like new we decided that the weather was too lovely to stay inside, so we went to the park and took a walk. We took some nice photos there, it was gorgeous golden sunlight all around and the North Park here in Düsseldorf has lots of pretty corners. But as today is a holiday I was too lazy to upload and sort out the pics, so instead I post my outfit from Thursday. Well, at least these photos also show how wonderful and bright the sun shone the last days.

♥ cardi: zara ♥ shirt; h&m ♥ skirt: c&a ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ shoes: kappa ♥

On our way back home from the park we stopped by a snackbar and got us some Turkish food and then we lounged about on the couch, enjoyed our lahmacun and kebab and watched a documentary.
We started to watch this BBc series Planet Earth, has anyone already seen it? It's a few years old but I had not seen it before. It's so amazing! I love how they always pick out the most stunning places on earth sorted by different topics like mountains, oceans, woods etc.
I'm still a sucker for Skins (I started watching season 5 yesterday), but watching nature documentaries appears so much more useful to me.

♥ necklace: accessorize ♥

So how did you guys spend your (long) weekend?
hope everyone who had to work again today had a nice start into thr week.

Happy Monday!

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  1. wow! ich habe mich in dein outfit verliebt. alles passt wunderscchön zusammen. den rock ist einfach bezaubernd und so einen möchte ich auch. richtig für die einstimmung auf den herbst.


  2. Love your skirt so much!


  3. I looove planet earth, it's so great. Reminds me that I haven't seen it in a while! I also really love this outfit on you, the bright yellow looks really good on you. And that patterned skirt is so cute.
    I spent most of my weekend doing homework, but I did get to the mall and to the movies for a bit

  4. Hey Miss Carina :)
    Oh, aren't cleaning bathrooms so much fun! That was nice of Patrick to help.
    Oh, I do love to see your outfits! I love your style so much!
    I have a few owl necklaces and they make me think of you :)
    gi gi

  5. It sounds like you and the mister had a wonderful and productive day! i can't wait to see your photos from the park :)

    i've seen all of the planet earth series/books/episodes/whatever lol. i absolutely LOVE them all. like, i freak out insanely when they come on NatG, lol!

    You look stunning and I love this color palette you chose!


  6. Ich liebe dieses Senfgelb/grün total. Ich müsste diese Woche auch mal einen Rundumputz in meiner Wohung machen. War ja fast ein halbes Jahr nur sporadisch mal dort. Bad putzen mag ich gar nicht. Dabei ist meins noch recht klein ^^

  7. I love this whole look! :D Especially how cool the converse style shoes look! :D

  8. Great outfit, love all the colours xx

  9. I love the whole style! These colours, the "autumn colours" as I like to call them, are so perfect on you!

    I discovered your blog right now and I'm really impressed!

    Please visit my blog:

    We can follow each other :D

  10. I am totally going to copy that shirt/sweater combo! Loves it :)


  11. Hi!
    I really love your blog,
    I follow you :D!
    maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    ( I hope you like it, and follow me back ;)


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