Monday 24 October 2011

paper dreams

Hi guys!

How have you all been? I noticed that I've been having a quite busy time since my new semester has begun. Lots of things happen but actually there's nothing really interesting; there's just work, university, the household and I try to make my gym work out and blogging and reading fit in there somehwhere too.
What about you? Are you enjoying autumn or are you hurrying from A to B all day as well?

♥ cardi, top + pants: h&m ♥ shoes: kappa ♥ scarf: accessorize ♥ necklace: new yorker ♥

As you might already know I really really love fall but what bothers me is the light. I rarely manage to take photos of my outfits in the morning and in the evening when I come home there's no daylight left so they all get blurry and/or too dark. Not even Photoshop can help me... Any ideas of how to deal with this? I could take photos in my lunch breaks but I carry around so much stuff in my bag everyday and I don't want to bring my camera with me everywhere I go, it's just too unhandy.

Speaking of lunch breaks, I love our university cafeterias for offering a new snack this semester:

I never was a big sushi fan because I don't like fish and I didn't know there are veggie versions too, but since I tried one of these onigiris I'm over the moon. The veggie versions are available with aubergines and miso sauce, onions and soy sauce etc. There are also some with fish or shrimps for the seafood lovers.
My new favourite lunch snack at university :)

Alright, movie-and bedtime now.
I hope everyone has/had a nice weekend!

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  1. oooh, Onigiris! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass die so heissen. Habe ich noch nie woanders als in einem Japanishen Restaurant gesehen!

    Die Vogelkette ist supersuess!

  2. I've been having this problem too, today has been my first outfit post in AGES because I can't do anything on a weekday! Well that and the fact I haven't even been wearing anything nice : /


  3. das is jez son neuer modischer snack oder?
    hab ich schon öfter gesehen.

    süßes outfit!
    und wünsch dir einen guten start in die neue woche!

  4. I have the same problem with taking pictures during Autumn days. I really need a solution too!

    By the way, I adore that lovely top! The colors are perfect!

  5. You look nice. I like your lovely dress and cute necklace! :)

  6. Pretty sweater


  7. Ohhh I love the dress, such pretty colours and striped in it. Yeah school is stupidly busy, but it's good! mmmm that lunch sounds super tasty

  8. Your dress looks like it's made just for you and your sunny smile! :)

    Glad life is full of fun activities for you at the moment.

    The Cat Hag

  9. Oh, I wish sushi snacks were available around here. :) I loooove sushi!

    You look great and cozy, and your face looks radiant!

  10. I am definitely running from A to B as well! So much to do in fall! Cute outfit ;)


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