Sunday 15 May 2011

stolen bikes ride faster

Hi guys!

How are you on this lovely Sunday? I hope you had an awesome weekend!
I feel so good today. After an extensive breakfast I edited tons of photos that I still have up my sleeve for future posts, then I went to the gym for almost two hours (which is my record so far). And now Patrick is whipping up supper and I can spend the rest of the day blogging, reading and watching TV.
So, about yesterday: Patrick's band played a concert at the Rock Your Gig Festival in Münster at the Sputnikhalle. I chose a casual and comfortable outfit because I knew we had to run and stand around a lot, carry band equipment and all, so no fancy look ;) Patrick was so kind to take a few shots of me after the festival.

♥ dress worn as tunic + jeggings: H&M ♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ belt + bag: primark ♥ shoes: converse ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥

We arrived there just in time to see the first band but they were not my cup of tea. Then it was Tornapart's turn and after their concert we hung out at the merchandise stand when the cutest thing happened: let me explain first that Tornapart is not a famous band, they're a mere hobby band and don't have a record contract, BUT after their show there were two young girls, probably 15 or 16 years old, who asked if they could take a photo with the band. They were supernervous and both of them were shaking when the band formed a semi circle around them so that a friend could take the photo. Isn't it cute? The girls also got autographs and were perfectly happy. I could imagine the scene when they came home yesterday evening: "Look Mum, we got a photo with a REAL band!". Haha ;)

By the way this was the first time that I used my DSLR for taking concert photos. I can't believe how great the picturesd turned out! Okay I edited them to make them look "more dramatic", but most of the photos were even cool without any further ado. Oh I love my new cam!
Now the next purchase will be a tripod.

After Tornapart's show we stayed to watch some more bands, had some yummy pizza and beer, lounged about at the merchandise stand and enjoyed the mild weather. It was sunny but also very windy, a very pleasant weather if you ask me. the boys played tabletop soccer and the girls sat together and chatted.

One of the guitarists thought it would be funny to wear traditional German pants (don't ask...)

How did you spend your weekend? Has anyone watched the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you guys like the winner song from Azerbaijan? My favourite was Iceland, but I also liked the songs of the Ukraine, Ireland and Slovenia too.

Have a nice Sunday! :)

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  1. Love your polka dot top! And the guitarist looks pretty interesting with the traditional outfit :p x

  2. Einfach gegen die Sonne fotografieren;) Dann bekommst du diese Regenbögen und Lichtflecken.

    Alles Liebe.

  3. You can join my Tory Burch Giveaway on my Blog if you want! Here it is

  4. darf ich dir kurz mitteilen, dass dein blog einer meiner liebsten is?
    ich find du hast n tollen stil und ich freu mich immer auf deine posts!
    ein seelenstrip meinerseits am sonntagabend :D

  5. rockbands are so sexy, haha! you look adorable, loving the polkadots and that blue cardi is such a versatile piece :)

  6. Love that polka dot tunic/dress, so great with the chunky sweater! You look lovely. And that sounds like such a great weekend, I watched some movies, slept a lot!

  7. It's so cool that your boyfriend is in a band, and I think it's really lovely that you help them set up equipment and stuff :)

    Looove that polka dot tunic and satchel bag!

  8. Great photos, love the look <3

  9. That looks like a great festival outfit, I love your bag! I used to be a music journalist and used my DSLR to take tons of photos at shows. I did a post compiling some of the pictures here: Your photos came out great!

  10. :) ich wusste garnicht, dass du auch in düsseldorf lebst.
    so klein ist die welt!
    ja so metalcore und hardcore is ja unter bloggern schon eher selten ;)


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