Sunday, 1 May 2011

stories about bird poo

Hi guys!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged the last few days, it was a crazy week again. But I'm glad my weeks are crazy, I rather like them like that instead of being dead boring.
My weekend has not been exciting though, but it was full of to-dos that had piled up during the working week. I prepared lots of neglected clothes for Ebay auctions, cleaned up the apartment and all, dragged myself to the gym (note to self: you can do it!!!).
Well and now Patrick has left for a short busines strip and besides some more to-dos for later I have some time to blog.
Now you're curious about the title right? The story follows below...

♥ shirt + skirt + scarf: h&m cardigan + bag: vintage ♥ belt: gift ♥ necklace + tights: accessorize ♥ shoes: swapped

Alright: this is what I wore on Thursday.
In the morning I was a bit late, I rushed out the house with my freshly washed hair and this nice little outfit to catch the train to uni. I hurried along the sidewalk and stopped at the cross-walk to let some cars pass by and then it happened! Something fell on my head...
I looked up at the tree and saw nothing, grabbed at the back of my head and felt a squishy substance between my fingers... bird poo! A bird shat right on my head!
I was completely flabbergasted! Can you believe it? How much bad luck can you have to stand right where the bird wants to poo?! So I went back home and missed my seminar because I had to wash my hair again. And Patrick died laughing of course.
Can someone top this? I don't think so ;)

I hope you had a good laugh about my story ;)
Enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend!

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  1. Hahahaha, you have bad luck!!
    I love this outfit, your skirt and bag are just perfect <3

  2. This outfit is amazing, that skirt is so pretty and I love it with the scarf and bag!! Gorgeous!
    Hahahaha, I can't believe you got pooped on! Thats the WORST. I've had it happen but it only landed on my arm...

  3. So pretty and cute! I love it!

  4. Ohhhh that's terrible! That is seriously my worst nightmare right there. One time in high school I got bird poo on the back of my white uniform blouse, ughhhhh.

    I really love your skirt so much, this week I've been trying so hard to find some nice skirts that are knee length and have pretty patterns on them, but so far no luck. I hope I can find one as pretty as yours soon, so that I can wear it with blouses and cardigans :)

  5. Love the colors in that skirt!

  6. Hahahaha, well, I've heard that getting pooped on by a bird is actually the best kind of good luck ;) Maybe whoever made that up was trying to make someone feel better about it. Or maybe it's true!
    I also think it's super-funny that you were wearing a birdcage necklace! Also, your skirt and boots are awesome :D
    M xo

  7. You know I have been SHAT on a few times!!! Not cool!
    You looked fab tho' ( as always)
    ps, thanks for the May Day info, sounds pretty cool!
    Happy May DAy!!!
    gi gi

  8. That is seriously funny but also annoying. I was lucky to have bird poo land on my shoulder so I could wipe it right off. But that itself was annoying and disgusting!! Also you look really lovely, that skirt is awesome and thanks for loving my style favourite features, I love showcasing some of my favourite looks of the week. Wish I could show all of them but...

  9. oh god, that is SO awful. i would probably throw up if that happened to me!

  10. Silly bird....didn't he know you had places to go?

    It has happened to me before too my friend..have a great week. xo

  11. Beautiful skirt! Look on it like this, bird poo is good for your hair ;) like a moisturising mask. x hivenn

  12. OH my goodness. How horrid and crazy. I know that whenever I see birds flying up above I laugh about how ridiculous it would be if one actually pooped on me... I guess it's another one of those sorts of things you think will never actually happen to you.

    I love the color of your cardigan though--it looks especially rich against your pretty dress.

  13. Bird poo stories always make me laugh ahah. Fortunatly it never happened to me but I'm waiting for the day to arrives since now I live in a city full of birds! But that was really funny!

  14. Ach du schei├če!! :-D danke das war wirklich lustig :D

  15. adore your skirt!!

  16. Ugh that's happened to me before too :(
    I love your skirt though!

  17. Lovin' this look, the bird cage- just precious!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments and for blogrolling me. You have great style!

    ♥♥♥ Sarah
    -Bad Penny-


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