Wednesday, 11 May 2011

going east

Hi guys!

How have you been?
As promised here are the photos of our little Thursday to Sunday weekend trip to Eastern Germany. We visited Patrick's family in the Bitterfeld area and celebrated the grandma's 70th birthday there. Some of my German readers might have some prejudices about
Saxony(-Anhalt), so I hope these photos will make them disappear. The area around Bitterfeld provides its visitors with a lovely landscape and cute little villages scattered around hills or lakes.
But let's begin with day 1 and 2:

First we arrived at the grandparents' house at noon and had barbecue in their wonderful garden to rest and fortify ourselves.

The garden is huge and so beautiful! It descends steeply and ends at the banks of a river called Mulde. A perfectly idyllic place for a little photo shoot.

Well, we actually spent the rest of day 1 eating ;) You know how grandparents, especially grandmas can be: they stuffed us with the said barbecue, then we went to a lake to take a walk, afterwards we had coffee and cake in a lake café with them, then we went back home to sit on the porch and chat and in the evening of course there also was a hearty supper. Hello to more love handles....
Oh and in the evening we checked into our room in a cute little bed and breakfast ran by some of Patrick's relatives. It's located directly at the beautiful Goitzsche lake, we had breakfast with a lake view every morning :)

The room looked a little old-fashioned but it was spacious and quiet there, I slept like a dog. Below you can see the view from the guesthouse's porch - lovely!

On day 2, the Friday, we went to Leipzig, one of the big cities in this area. I had never been there so I had lots of fun shopping and sightseeing. Unfortunately we didn't have a possibility to look up sights or shops in the internet so we simply roamed the city aimlessly.

This is the old town hall at the market place. Below you can see Patrick who carried a chic new shirt in the bag.

Leipzig is a really cool city! There are so many old buildings, interesting cultural events and locations, lots of good streetwear shops and very friendly people :) We didn't have that much time to go everywhere we wanted so we'll definitely go there again next time. Patrick bought the mentioned shirt, new shoes and sport pants, I found a marked down plaid blouse and I got some chocolate goodies for my Mum and a friend.

Instead of going into the museum we only took photos in front of it because we didn't have time ;) Oh by the way this is the Museum of Visual Arts.

As you can see in the photos we had perfect weather! Not too warm, but pleasantly sunny with mild winds, a bright blue summer sky. We stayed in the city until closing time and savoured every minute we had to run around there.

Above: the Nikolaikirche, below: the car park before we went back to the hotel

So, what do you think? Nice places, no? Oh I can't wait to show you the other photos of day 3 and 4 tomorrow! They were taken at the beautiful lake again...that's all I'm telling you so far.
Stay tuned and have a wonderful day ;)

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  1. Ahja...du warst mir letztes Wochenende also ganz nah. Komme ja auch aus der Gegend. Es gibt schon schöne Flecken da, besonders um die Goitzsche und den Muldestausee. Wetter war ja traumhaft :-) Leipzig mag ich auch, bin ab und an zum Shoppen da.

  2. This looks like such a fun time, it's so beautiful there! I am jealous, I would love to go over there
    I love your dress and cardigan together, you look very pretty. I'm glad you had such a good time!

  3. That last picture of you is so cute! ❤

  4. nice pictures. everything in your outfit looks lovely especially the dress.
    xo. :)

  5. beautiful!! as are you gorgeous :D

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy<3


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