Saturday 28 May 2011

soundtracks of our lives

Hi guys!

I have rediscovered my love for The Gaslight Anthem. The other day I heard their single on the radio and felt like listening to their music again and now I can't stop playing their "The 59 Sound" album. The melodies, the lyrics, the voice, this certain melancholy in their sound, everything is just perfect to me. Music that is so beautiful that it almost makes you cry, but in a good way. Do you know these songs that make movie scenes come to your mind? Like you hear a passage of a song and automatically think about how perfect it would be as the background music for one particular scene and it all makes perfect sense in your imagination and you think "Damn why can't I be a director?"
That's what their music triggers in my mind. And I love it.

"We could run all night
And dance upon the architecture
Come and take my hand
I'll do the very best I can"

And do you sometimes think about a soundtrack of your life? Well, I do and I know for sure that it would have to contain The Gaslight Anthem. Also the Deftones, Rise Against and The Ataris. What about yours?

♥ shirt: only ♥ cardi: h&m ♥ jeans: zara ♥ shoes: primark
♥ bag: accessorize

I took these photos on Wednesday. Everything's pretty unspectacular, the outfit (casual 'n comfy), the setting (balcony) and the occasion (I went to the traffic department to request a new driver's license). But it was lovely weather and I like how the photos turned out.
The only thing special about this is the hair. I had seen this hairstyle on a girl in the tube the other day and thought it's really cool and also easy to do. Why do I never get ideas like that? So I braided a strand and used it as a headband. Brilliant!
I like this even better than wearing a headband because my conehead always makes these stretchy headbands wander to the back and mess up my hair.

♥ necklace: labyrinth vintage ♥ watch: casio ♥ bracelet: accessorize

Unfortunately I don't have more interesting things to tell you today. I had to drive my dad to the airport very very early this morning, so I'm pretty tired. I think I'll spend the evening in front of the laptop listening to this awesome music.

above: sunshine! below: the ticket with my waiting number at the traffic department

Happy Friday! :)

now playing: the gaslight anthem - the backseat
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  1. I love the gaslight anthem!!!
    Oh my gosh I do that too!!!! I always think of movie scenes of like, music video scenes for certain songs! Ahaha I thought I was the only one.
    Love your necklace, it's so cute. Gorgeous outfit.

  2. Cool watch! I've been obsessed with watches lately.

  3. Ich glaube mein Soundtrack ändert sich ständig. So der Grundton wäre wohl Kate Nash und ihr Debut Album "Made of Bricks"..und dann je nach Laune :-)

  4. I love your braid/head band idea!! I have the same problem with headbands, they always ride up and fluff my hair up...

  5. I love the plaid top, I'm such a sucker for plaid and these colours are so great. I love the cat necklace too, very cute.
    ps. Gaslight anthem are sooo good

  6. that's a cool hair! and your plaid top looks great on you! i like this outfit-- very chic and laid-back..following you now..hope you do the!

  7. neuerdings hör ich von soo vielen, das the gaslight anthem n tolles neues album hat.
    dh wohl, dass ich da auch mal reinhören sollte :)
    das karierte hemd steht dir sehr gut-die farben passen gut zu deinen haaren
    :)hoffe, du hattest ein schönes wochenende!

  8. I LOVE your necklace and watch! :) Cute and colourful blog, following :)
    Tori xxx

  9. Hallo meine Liebe,

    das Cape von Tom Tailor wirst Du erst in der Fall Winter Collection 2011/2012 auf der Page finden. Momentan haben die nur SS ´11 Fashion auf der Page :)! Aber das stimmt schon, ich war nie bei Tom Tailor shoppen aber das wird sich jetzt ändern....auf der Showroom Vorstellung hatten die richtig tolle Sachen...

    Ach ja diese Uhr von Dir ist so toll....jedesmal denken ich mir das :)! Farben gut zusammen gestellt :) Toll!!!

    Wünsch Dir einen tollen Tag :*

    with love

  10. Very adorable! And such a cute headband!


  11. I love the colors in your outfit! Blue and yellow are my favorite colors together! And I love your hair style! Cute braid.
    I love the Deftones :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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