Thursday, 12 May 2011

blue period

Hi guys!

Today I'm showing you the second part of the photos of our little weekend trip to Eastern Germany, that is day 3 and 4. Actually the photos were all taken on day 3 (Saturday) because on day 4 we left for Düsseldorf before noon.
We visited Patrick's granparents and it was his grandma's birthday celebration, so we all dressed up for the event. She had planned lunch, a bus drive to the lake, a trip with a ship, a bus drive back to where we already had lunch and then supper and evening programme. Damn, this women is an organising freak ;)
The photos are all about water today, so you'll see a lot of blue because of the lake and my outfit.
Here we go:

♥ bird dress: pimkie ♥ cardi: h&m ♥ shoes: ebay

Patrick was so kind to take a photo of my outfit at out hotel room before lunch. Below we already were on our way to the lake.

I don't have photos of the lunch because a) everyone around me always gets pretty annoyed when I take pictures of them eating and b) there were so many people I didn't really know (all Patrick's relatives), so I wouldn't have been able to upload the photos with all the foreign folks' permission anyway. Oh and c) I believe you wouldn't have been interested in them haha :)

above: the ship "MS Vineta", below: on the sundeck (you can see the lovely bird print on my dress here)

So, after lunch a bus took us to the Goitzsche lake where we went on a boat that drove us around the lake for one and a half hours. The weather was perfect, it felt like being on real vacation somewhere by the sea :)

The boat restaurnt also offered coffee and cakes but we were all so full from lunch that we kindky refused. Instead we sat on the front deck with cold drinks and enjoyed the sunshine and a pleasant breeze.

After leaving the ship we took a walk on the lakeside and watched the lively coming and going there. It really is a very nice local recreation area there, you can do so many things like for example sailing, surfing, riding a pedal-boat, swimming.... everything.

above: an old locomotive displayed at the lakeside, below: after leaving the boat we sat down in the sun for a while

Aww it was lovely there! But I'm so glad to be back home again, I've had enough of all the relatives until next year ;) They always kept teasing me because I've gained so much weight since the last time they had seen me, oh it was annoying... I'm totally okay with it when somebody tells me that I look like I've gained a few kilos. But I'm not okay with it when these people keep rubbing it in my face at every opportunity... I was like "Hey people, I'm working at it, keep cool for God's sake!" in my mind, but it doesn't matter if I had spoken it out because you can't change elder people anyway.

I'm sending some sunshine over from Düsseldorf to anybody who would like to have some ;)
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ich war am Sonntag von ca. 10.30-13.00Uhr an der Goitzsche wegen dem Marathon. Haben in der "Sehnsucht" ca. gegen halb 12 Mittag gegessen. Also ungefähr auf der Höhe, wo du das Bild vom Patrick vor dem Boot gemacht hast. :-)
    Wir hätten uns echt zufällig da treffen können..irgendwie lustig oder?!

  2. Meine Güte ich werd da nicht mehr drüber fertig, dass wir uns echt nur um 1 Tag verpasst haben, manchmal ist die Welt echt klein :-)

  3. the print of your dress is so pretty--perfect for a day by the water :)

  4. that dress has the best print!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Germany is definitely so much more beautiful than America. By far.

    You look absolutely stunning! I love that cute little outfit, I bet you impressed his entire family. I still can't get over how gorgeous you look!

    Cutie pat-toot-ie boyfriend too! ;D

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy<3

  6. I can't believe they said that to you?! How rude!! You look gorgeous, I love blue on you, that dress is super pretty too. Looks like a fun day, you and your boyfriend are super cute.

  7. What a beautiful day you had. The sun out. Lovely.

  8. This looks so beautiful! I love boat rides and what a pretty floral dress!

  9. ohhhhhhhhhh das vögelchenkleid ist sooo sooo tolll :D
    gefällt mir total!!

  10. Also erstmal: das waren ja fiese verwandte. mich nervt es allgemein wenn leute sowas sagen. Kann denen doch egal sein!
    Und danke für den Tipp mit den Ensymen ;) ich nehme schon seit samstag arnica globuli. Der eingriff war heute - und ja es war die hölle - aber jetzt gehts mir ganz gut. Mal schauen wie es morgen wird... :-/
    Dein Kleid ist wirklich hübsch! Und deine haare liegen richtig schön und wie lang sie sind!!

  11. Your pictures look beautiful! I wish this is how I spent my weekend!!


  12. looks like a loooovely trip. Also think the name of your blog is pretty funny :D :D Wohnst du in Düsseldorf:D?? So do I actually^^!!

  13. It sounds like it was such a lovely day, and I like how your dress is so appropriate for what you did!

  14. Gosh I love your bird print dress, it looks lovely paired with a navy cardigan!
    Mmm I know what you mean about relatives talking about weight and stuff, I have the same problem with mine...ehh. Just don't let it bother you, that's how I deal with it, some people are just too nit picky!

  15. It looks just lovely :) For some reason (I have no reason, unlike you) I've been a bit obsessed with the color blue lately. It used to be my favorite when I was younger, but I have no explanation for the sudden love.

    Love your dress :D


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