Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hi guys!

I've been a sucker for navy blue clothes and maritime themes lately and it won't stop. On Tuesday I had a laser appointment in Cologne, so I seized the chance for an extensive shopping spree afterwards. I wanted to look for a nice dress for a friend's wedding and actually I already bought one but I'm not completely satisfied with it, so I keep on looking for a better one. However, I tried on like 10 dresses and none of them really fit me. Either too tight in the bust area or too loose in the stomach area or whatnot. So I put the actual shopping goal aside and just looked for random things I liked, et voilà: another navy blue piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I just couldn't resist this lovely summer dress with the sail boats print.

♥ dress + cardi: pimkie ♥ skirt (under the dress): thrifted ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ boots: bullboxer ♥ bag: primark

You may wonder about the title of this post. Well, yesterday I felt the sudden urge to have my hair cut. Okay, actually I had been planning to go to the hairdresser for weeks and never found the time to do it, but yesterday was the day. My hair grows really fast, normally I'd have to have it cut every two or three month but then I don't have the money or i don't have the time.
Anyway, my hair was really long (by my standards) so I immediately had to think of Rapunzel.
Now it's a few centimetres shorter, but I think you guys won't even notice it. I wanted to post a before-and-after-picture but when I put it together in Photoshop I could hardly see the difference. That speaks in the hairdresser's favour because I wanted it exactly like before, only shorter. ;)

By the way it was the first time I went to this hairdresser, so I was a bit doubtful. I went there without an appointment because they have this special "cut and go" offer for students where you don't have to appoint a date for. Unfortunately I had to wait an hour, but then it was ym turn and the hairdresser was very nice and advised me well. One strange moment was when her boss, the chief hairdresser or whatever, went by, stopped, looked at me and asked me if my eyebrows were painted-on or dyed. I said dyed and he mumbled something and went away. Do I have to understand that?! Strange guy...

necklace: ebay ♥ ring: six

So, it's Thursday, only one more day to go and then: weekend! Again! Could it be that the older you get, the more time flies?! I've been feeling like that since January. It's almost summer already! Hey time, where have you gone? Alas, maybe I feel it even more at the moment because I'm going to turn 25 next week, uh oh... ;)

Have a nice day!

P.S. Noticed the blog's new intro-box in the upper right corner? How do you like it?

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  1. The print on that dress is so cute, love it! And the ring is gorgeous too. I also feel like time is flying by far too quickly..I turn 25 in about 6 weeks :p x

  2. looking great!~ love your dress so much. these colours look very good on you! also, adored your ring - what a beauty :)

  3. ich wusste garnicht, dass man bei pimkie so süße sachen findet.
    feierst du deinen geburtstag?
    liebste grüße

  4. Very nice dress! I like it! :)

  5. OMG ich bin grad total in's Kleid verliebt!!!!

  6. happy early bday! isn't a rule that when you need to find a dress you just don't??

  7. I'm dying over this boat print dress, I WANT IT! And your anchor necklace is perfect with it, I have a very similar one. Navy and brown are such a great combination. Happy early bday!

    ps. Ohh fruit prints in german glamour? I am on trend apparently, haha.

  8. nice dress! i have one in a similar print!

  9. the print of your dress is AMAZING. seriously, love it. sailboats are so sweet :)

  10. Holy crap, 25!!! I never would have thought you older than 19, so I guess that's a good thing, right?

    I loooove your boat print dress so much, I think this is one of my favourite dresses of yours :D

  11. Happy almost bday! I hope you have a lot of fun planned. What a adorable outfit, its been rainy here so I've not worn my summer dresses yet. But yes! the print is great, I need to get some new ones. But its hard to find one with the right fit.

  12. Hey :D

    du hast n' coolen Blog, gefällt mir echt gut!
    Bin gleich mal Leser geworden (:

    Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei:
    klick einfach mal HIER!!!

    Liebe Grüße

  13. lol skip my compliments about the outfit as u know i always like your style and to keep on repeating them in every post of yours will make me sound cliche

    haha how i wish my hair could go grow longer FASTER , haha a trim is good , just to get rid of the bad ends. And yes indeed what a strange guy right , i dont get his point of asking at first place..( still trying to figures it out )

    and i am so excited for u ! since your special day is just around the corner ! when was it? i mean the actual birth date

    i hate birthdays nowadays i mean my own , haha cause the 'number's keep going UP each year

    anyway i miss u loads , so glad to be back here again ♥


  14. Was für ein süßes Kleid! :)

  15. love the print on your dress :D and thank you for your support on my blog too!! I hope you have a great weekend and see you around :)


  16. früher habe ich navy gehasst. wirklich! Das war für mich nichts halbes und nichts ganzes. aber mittlerweile liebe ich es. eine tolle alternative zu schwarz.

  17. i think 60% of my wardrobe is navy! ;P
    i love navy so much.
    love your look beautiful as always love.


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