Sunday, 9 September 2012

my tv died today, that was my excuse

Hi guys!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday?
I'm hanging around at home, doing home stuff, but later I'm going to meet a friend for strolling along the riverside and maybe having a beer or two, so at least I'll be able to enjoy a bit of the lovely Indian Summer outside then.
These photos are from last weekend when I visited my mum and her boyfriend. I took them with the self-timer in their little garden. They have this wooden fence that is the perfect neutral but not too boring photo backdrop.

How do you like my new skirt? I finally made the move and got me a high-low one after thinking about it for so long. Actually I wanted a plain-coloured one because I think the high-low cut is bold enough without any print. But they had this gem in the sale at Promod and I couldn't resist and gave it a go - and I love it! I was a bit doubtful about the cut being not very flattering for my hammy calves, but this one has the perfect length in the front and back. And despite the wish for a plain-coloured version, I thought the dip-dye print is pretty cool.
I think I'll wear the skirt for fall a lot because it's the perfect combo with my new easy-to-style fall boots. Again, these boots too are not so flattering for my calves, but they look just fine when I put the socks underneith like in the photos - maybe it's just me, but they give me the feeling of conceiling my calves a bit.

Alright, I'm off to the bathroom. I've been lounging around with messy hair, unshowered and in toothpaste-stained pyjamas - so it's time to get dolled up for going downtown now.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone! :)

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  1. unglaublich schön-die farben, der schnitt des rocks.. richtig toll!

  2. So stylish look!!
    I like your style and the blog!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Sehr gutes Outfit! Und der Rock ist SO schön!! :)

  4. you look beautiful!! amazing hair and necklace!! great boots and printed skirt!! gorgeous color on your cardigan!!

  5. You look gorgeous :)

  6. ooh, i love the color of that cardigan!

  7. Super kombiniert!

    (Ich hoffe auch darauf, das mein alter RIIIIIIESENFernseher endlich den Geist aufgibt, damit ich einen neuen kaufen kann ;)

  8. Girl! Your style is amazing <3 I love every little piece of this ! < 3

  9. great look girl :D

    Jenny /

  10. This high low skirt is sooo perfect!! I love it on you, and the mint cardigan is amazing with the whole look. You look fantastic!!

  11. You look absolutely stunning. I love your entire outfit, especially your skirt

  12. Ich glaube, das ist mein biasheriges Lieblings-Outfit an dir. Die einzelnen Teile sind schön, gut kombiniert und tolle Farben.
    Mal abgesehen davon, dass du fantastisch aussiehst. ;)

  13. that necklace creates such a nice dainty detail!

  14. Tolles Outfit, mir gefällt der Rock echt gut. Ich finde du hast den Print echt gut kombiniert.
    Und ich bin ja echt neidisch auf deine Casio uhr <3
    Ich möchte auch unbedingt eine haben, so schlicht und schön....
    Liebste Grüße Jestil

  15. I really like your new skirt! The pattern is fun and it'll work for all seasons.

  16. I seriously love your new skirt! You look so gorgeous and YOU DO NOT HAVE HAMMY CALVES. You look perfect!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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