Friday, 14 September 2012

the capital of catalunya

Hi guys!

Waaah, I have the greatest news - well, okay they're not very exciting, but I'm SO happy about it that I have to exaggerate ;)

I'm going to Barcelona next week!

In the course of the last weeks I've mentioned my upside-down private life here and there in the posts. And I might also add as extra information that I'm not a very spontaneous person concerning most aspects of life.
Due to these points it is a wonder that this Barcelona trip will take place!
Patrick has surprisingly gotten some rest vacation before changing his job, I have surprisingly managed to scrape together some little savings and yesterday we have booked the flights and accommodation for Barcelona, "la capital de Catalunya".
I can't wait to escape the daily grind and problems of the last couple of weeks!

Has anyone of you ever been to Barcelona? Do you have some advice for me what places to visit there? :)

From my outfit you can clearly tell that fall transition weather has found its way to Germany. It's pretty unsettled, but I think it's fun though because I can wear my summer dresses with flats or boots, cardis or parkas, I can try out looks with or without tights and socks. I love fall!
This cute plaid dress is one of my favourites since I swapped it a few months ago. The last time I styled it similarly here, only a wee bit more summery (however this summer was rather cold, that's why I wore black tights in July).
For now for the transition I added the leo scarf to keep my neck warm, the beloved new boots with socks and also an army parka that's not in the photos.
Et voilà, a perfect fall look for me!

Like I said above: if anyone of you has some Barcelona tips for me please leave me a comment! I'm eager to find some nice spots to visit, I'll search via internet over the weekend, but of course nothing is better than the advice of people who have already been there.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ohhh das freut mich sehr für euch <3
    Ich liebe Barcelona war selber letztes Jahr zum ersten mal dort und habe mich in die Stadt verliebt.
    Mein Tipp wäre nicht nur auf den Ramblas der Einkaufsstraße zu bummeln sondern viel mehr in den ganzen kleinen nebenstraßen richtung Gotisches Viertel ;-)
    Dort gibt es hunderte kleiner Boutiquen und man ist viel mehr im Leben von Barcelona drin ;-)
    Mach aufjedenfall ganz ganz viele FOtos.
    Liebste Grüße Jestil

  2. Glad that things are going better! I would love to visit Barcelona too! Have lots of fun there!

    I really love the colors in this outfit, the dress is beautiful and looks perfect with the green cardi!

  3. I love the colors combo, great for this season.

  4. Love the dress! It looks great with the green cardigan!

  5. I love the layering here!! Your plaid dress is amazing, I love it, especially with that colour of cardigan.
    I am so excited to start wearing cardigans, jackets and scarfs.

  6. such a perfect outfit for autumn, I love the mix of colours <3 and your boots are awesome! In Barcelona, New Camp is a pretty awesome sight, even if your not into football

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Claire x

    Mon Cheri

  7. wir waren vor zwei jahren in barcelona, war super. was wir so gemacht haben:

  8. You look very beautiful :)

  9. Cute! This outfit is perfect for fall! I love all the layering and different colors and patterns that you incorporated. Nice work, lady!

  10. ilove the colours in that check!


  11. sehr süß :-) wirkst unheimlich sympathisch auf den bildern

  12. I like the different prints!


  13. I love colors combination! You look fantastic stylish!

  14. Gorgeous dress... and I love the watch necklace - want it so much. Have fun in Barcelona, it's a beautiful city and there is a lot to see. :) I advise la sagrada familia, even if it may seem like the obvious tourist choice, it is fantastic. So amazing and breahtakingly beautiful on the inside. The older, more traditional, Barcelona Cathedral is also worth seeing. Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens and Casa Milà, also by Gaudi, are fantastic. Another obvious one is Park Güell, with Gaudi's (pink) house. Castell dels Tres Dragons is also interesting. If you want to see some good music in a beautiful place - Palau de la Música Catalana. And if you want to see some beautiful art, then National Museum of Art of Catalonia. If you do visit it, there is a fantastic, simple walk, from there right into the centre. :)

  15. i love, love, love that dress! i'm a sucker for plaids like that :)

  16. You look so pretty! Great blog!
    Follow each other?

  17. oh darling you look marvelous! i love your hair so much and the idea of mixing plaid with leopard?!!? SOOO CUTE!! I must recreate this pattern combo!

  18. Barcelona sounds so exciting! I'd love to visit some day. I hope you have a great trip.
    Also, this outfit is so cute with the mixed prints. The prints really look great together.

  19. Oh wow lucky you, i'm sure it will be absolutely amazing!! And love your dress here too <3

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo


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