Thursday 29 March 2012

Budapest favourite: Jojó Art Shop

Hi guys!

Wow, now that my stay in Budapest is almost over I finally find the time to post some photos bit by bit. These pictures for example I took last week when I visited a colourful and lovely little shop which is a bit hidden in a passage way from the main street to an inner courtyard. What I have definitely learned on my Budapest trips is: don't be afraid to enter narrow passage ways or courtyards, because there might be some really nice locations hidden in them!
Like the

Jojó Art Shop:

illustrated mugs

bags, belts and cuffs

This cute little paradise of accessories and gifts is run by one of the many nice Hungarians I've met in Budapest since I came here the first time last summer.
You can find such nice things there: felt brooches, illustrated mugs, different jewelry, bags, belts etc. - and everything is handmade by Hungarian designers and supports their arts!
I already bought a fabric flower ring and a gift for a friend and I'll return there tomorrow to get some more sweet little somethings to bring home (because it's so much better than these stuffy standard souvenir shops)!

postcards and bookmarks

salt shakers and plush toys

felt brooches

Isn't this an adorable potpourri of articles? It's totally my thing, I love accessories, I love colours, I love cute knick-knacky stuff! :)
If you ever happen to be in Budapest, I recommend visiting Jojó to jazz up your outfit or to get some nice items for friends and family members.
How do you like it?

You can also show some love by following the Jojó Blog or their Facebook page!

Have a great day!

P.S. Thank you so much for the lovely gift Miss Jojó! ;-)

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  1. What a fun shop!! I love finding little places like this when I'm on holidays, that's so awesome :)

  2. Awesome shop! I love such places! ^^ Totally squeeled at the kitty mugs <3 WANT! ^^/ MMxoxo


    Ich muss da softort hin :oD

  4. das sieht ja alles so süß aus:)

  5. such a fun looking store! love that white parasol in the corner:)

  6. wow! was für ein süßes geschäft :) jetzt bin ich traurig das ich nicht davon wusste wie ich in budapest war :( du freust dich aber sicher schon wieder zuhause zu sein. ich wünsch dir eine schöne reise zurrück! :)


  7. I just found your blog and have to say, I love it! Your pictures are amazing :) It would be nice to follow each other!

  8. Oooh that shop looks amazing, gimme one of those cat-mugs! :-D

  9. haha- those cat mugs are the best!! xoxo

  10. This looks so cute! I love this type of shops, always super original ;)


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