Sunday 18 March 2012

omb - oh my bun! (it never works!)

Hi guys!

Okay, today I'd like to get this off my chest: I officially surrender! No buns for me...
You know, I really liked buns on other girls when they suddenly started to pop up on blogs, in magazines, on TV etc. They bring out a pretty face, they are not too over the top for everyday looks and they are (said to be) so easy to make. I was like: perfect! Let's try this out! :)
Normally I'm not much of a different-hairdos-person, I wear my hair down most days, I'm not adventurous, especially concerning wearing my hair up cause I think it's not very flattering for the shape of my face.
Anyway, I thought I could wear a messy bun version with some strands hanging out to flatter the face. So I tried. Here are my two most favourite how-to-make-a-bun videos from the blogosphere:

Mr. Kate DIY Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

Tick Tock Vintage messy bun tutorial

There you go, it's all easy-peasy and looks so nice and is done in no time - not!
Let's put aside the fact that I look stupid with my hair straight up for a second, the actual problems are:

- my hair has a layered cut, so there are always strands sticking out
- I don't have enough hair pins to tame all the strands that stick out
(- I could try to make a bun made of hair pins instead...)
- once I manage to make a bun look halfway neat - it collapses like a souflé that's taken out of the oven too fast


- I tried this in front of the mirror for almost an hour and it didn't work
- I tried it with the help of the sock and without it; but it didn't make a difference
- I started hating my hair (normally I love it)

What is wrong here? Is it my not existing hairdo skills, or is it simply the texture and layered cut of my hair? I don't know, but what I know is that it is highly frustrating!
For the record: I don't critizise these girls and Their tutorials! It's neither Mr. Kate's, nor Tick Tock Vintage's fault that it simply doesn't work on my head and like I said, these are the two cutest tutorials I've seen, so I like them.
It's just that not everything is so easy to do for everyone. So don't let video tutorials fool you. Sometimes you simply have to accept that some hairdos, make-ups or whatever don't work on you, but only on other girls.
I am pretty convinced now, that a bun is not my cup of tea:

Conclusion: I'm not a bun hater (haha great word), I really do love buns on other girls, it can look so lovely! Attention: I say CAN, but not neccessarily has to. So please, if you notice that it doesn't work on your own head, leave it and look for another hair style. Looking at the photos above, I think that even if I would have managed to create a perfectly cute and pretty bun on the top of my head instead of inviting birds to move in there, I would still look like a dork.
In the future I will try to perfect my skills for other hairdos, like for example this simple side braid I wear sometimes.
Definitely yay for buns - but (unfortunately) nay for them on my head.

What's your opinion about it? Bun? Anti-bun? "I don't give a f*... ehm, bun!"?

Have a great day!

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  1. I love buns on others, but alas, it has never worked for me. I feel your pain, I've never been able to style a bun I was happy with either! I love that tutorial by Mr Kate, and spent ages with a sock trying to recreate it, but no such luck :(

  2. haha, my buns look like yours, too. i hate my hair :D:D

  3. hey, ein paar von denen sehen doch gar nicht so schlecht aus. eine große hilfe ist so ein haar-donut. ich benutze die immer für buns, mittlerweile gibts die sogar für appel und n ei bei h&m. haarnadel und 2 haargummis brauchst du auch. haarspray aux masse nicht zu vergessen. dann hält der bun aber auch den ganzen tag und die darauf folgende nacht. :)


  4. i think ur bun in the first photo looks great!

  5. Hair :D that's always a fun one. I have long curly hair, so I always look like the crazy person. Buns are one of those things that you develop a skill with over time.

    It may seem impractical, but the easiest thing to do is probably to go to a hairdresser and ask them to show you specifically how to do it with your hairstyle / hair type - because what you're going to be able to do does have something to do with what you have... believe me, I know.

    It looks cute anyway, some of us like the disheveled look.
    ; )

  6. Oh, this made me giggle. I am so sorry for your bun-tastrophe, but I am a little relieved that I am not the only one who fails at the bun. I do love how they look, but my hair never, ever looks like it should!

  7. Don't give up! It takes practice! I couldn't get it for a while at first either, keep at it!


  8. :oD hab´s gestern auch zum ersten mal probiert - :o/ bei mir hat es wunderbar geklappt mit der socke!

    meine haare sind aber auch sehr lang und nicht stufig geschnitten. ich denke mal das macht es sehr viel einfacher!

    bleib dran ;o) eines tages klappts!

  9. Haha das war ein lustiger post :D
    und auf dem ersen bild find ich's auch eigentlich ganz gelungen, ist doch nicht schlimm wenn's wie ein nest aussieht. Nur wenn du meinst es passt zu deinem gesicht nicht, ist es natürlich was anderes. Vlt auch ne gewohnheitssache? Ich mag meine Haare nämlich auch nur offen, obwohl meine mama meint ein zopf/dutt würde mit stehen ^^ aber dann tut's auch wieder so weh aufm kopf und zieht... wäääh!

  10. I don't know if I'll be able to explain this good enough, but I'll try anyway...

    I had the same problem and what it works the most for me is this...I rather take something smaller than the sock band, because if it's too thick, you won't be able to put all of the hair around it. I just take something like a bit bigger hair elastic or one of those braided hippie bands and wrap it around a high pony tail. Then I tease my pony tail, all the way so it looks like a mess, I only leave the part in the middle straight. Then I stick a finger in the middle of the mess to find the center and pull all the messy hair down all around the hippie band, it will look all puffy, but when you brush down the middle layer with your fingers it will look fine and the tease will give it volume. Then I take some bobby pins and I grab all of the ends of the hair and just wrap it all around the bottom of the bun and stick like a hundered of bobby pins inside it.

    I hope you understood, at least I tried, if I helped in any way I'm glad...but as everyone says, it just takes practice. :)

  11. i feel exactly the same, i have such thin hair so getting a bun to look really full is so hard! :( x

  12. Also dieses erste Tutorial fand ich ein wenig komisch.. Hab ich noch nie gesehn, dass man die Haare um die Socke nach unten rumwickeln soll :-S Ich glaub auch, das funktioniert nur für bestimmte Haartypen.

    Das mit der Socke selbst allerdings hab ich auch schon oft gemacht, nur eben anders, und das klappt wunderbar. Und zwar mach ich es folgendermassen:

    Ich lege die Socke (oder den Haardonut) direkt aufn Kopp um den Pferdeschwanz, und dann verteil ich die Haare um die Socke herum und streife noch einen zweiten Haargummi über das ganze drüber. Dann hängen natürlich überall noch Strähnen raus, die dann einfach mit Klemmen um den Bun herum einstecken.

    Das klingt jetzt komisch und vermutlich sehr unverständlich.. Aber ich hab mich mal nach Videos umgeschaut, wo das ungefähr so gemacht wird, damit man mich auch versteht! X-) Z.B. hier:

    (Kannst bis ca. 3 Minuten spulen, vorher erklärt sie nur, wie sie den Sockenring macht. Und das wissen wir ja jetzt.)

  13. you will figure it out someday! i kind of stumbled upon how to do it!

  14. Haha, what a funny post!
    You look so cute, dear <3

  15. Liegt das vielleicht an der Doughnut, die du benutzt? Mit so langen Haaren wie deinen sollte ein Stufenschnitt (?) ja eigentlich kein Problem sein! Meine Doughnut ist aus so einer Art Schaumstoff, da kann man die pins ganz leicht reinstecken. Das ist die hier:

  16. I know that feeling.

  17. I LIKE BIG BUNS AND I CANNOT LIIIIEE!!! hihihi..see it works on here too xD mwaha
    i love a bun do but yeah..i hear your pain. maybe 2/5 times i can make it work..mostly just xD
    everytime i think `ooo it`s a perfect day for a bun` but then get depressed coz it just looks awful on my weak babyhair. XD
    anyhoops..we can like it on others at least. ^^d
    have a great week luv!

  18. lol youre too funny ! those buns are pretty tough, despite how easy they all make it look


  19. We call those messy buns daughters always wear look lovely. Thanks for the smile today. xoxox
    And for the sweet comments you left me the other day. xoxoxo

  20. Hahaha, you're so funny! I totally understand, I see these girls with this gorgeous buns and then i try it and it sticks out like a fan, it's ridiculous. I understand your pain. They make it look so easy! Lovely post :)

  21. Wow, i like your blog )

  22. Ich find der erste und der letzte sind doch gut! Keep practising!

  23. Dieser Beitrag hätte eins zu eins von mir sein können. Herrlich traurig <3

  24. Hihi so funny. My hair never does what I want:(

  25. I always have the exact same problem! I think I need to practice to fully perfect this look haha. Lovely blog xxx


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