Thursday 1 March 2012

budapest trip part I

Hi guys!

Sorry, I am a bit late but I have finally organized and edited all the Budapest photos from my trip last week. In the course of the next days I'm going to show them to you in three parts mixed with some new outfit posts. I hope you're not tired of Budapest pics after my photo overkill last year. I also already know that I will return to Budapest at the end of next month for my company, so there is no end in sight... ;)

Above you can see our awesome little apartment we booked via airbnb, it was so cozy and the location was perfect, right in the city center and only a few steps away from all the cool places.

Our apartment was just around the corner from the beautiful St. Stephan's Basilica, it was lovely to walk across the Basilica's fore court every day. We were also able to go inside and take a peek at all the beautiful frescos and golden decorations, pomp and show-off at its best!
And on the other side of the fore court there was a nice coffee shop providing me and my friend with good coffee each morning :)

Speaking of churches: we not only visited the Basilica but also the Dohány Street Synagogue and took a guided tour to learn some more about the Jewish community in Budapest.

Of course we also roamed downtown Budapest. The amazing thing is that the light there is beautiful everywhere.

Above you can see Liberty Bridge, probably one of my favourite places in the city. It's one of Budapest's many bridges and in my opinion it's the prettiest one of them. You have a beautiful view up and down the Danube from its middle and it is perfect to capture the sunset lighting on the riverside.

Aw lovely Budapest.
How do you like it so far?

Happy Wednesday,

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  1. These photos look so great, Budapest is such a beautiful city, so much history!! I love going to cities that have a lot of history.
    I haven't even edited any pictures from my trip other than outfits! AH! I took 1500 pictures in 4 days...eek

  2. These photos are gorgeous!!!!! You really take some lovely travel photos, just looking at these I can get an idea of what Budapest is like :)

  3. Nice Pictures!! I can pretend I was there just by seeing them.

  4. that little apartment is a dream! LOVE these pictures. Budapest looks absolutely incredible. I'd like to think I might plan a visit there at some point, too. If I could just figure out a way to nix the plane anxiety...

  5. Awesome picciage!
    Hope to go to Budapest sometime!
    It`s definately one of the top places to visit on my list. ^^d

  6. Das apartment sieht wirklich sehr gemütlich aus und witzig finde ich auch die beiden bilder von euch ^^ sie in ganzkörper, du abgeschnitten und oben ohne ende platz :D so sieht bei mir auch immer aus, wenn freunde mich fotografieren

  7. Wow wie wunderbar <3 ich möchte auch so gern mal nach Budapest und dein Post hat mich grad noch ein klein wenig mehr angefixt!! Die Unterkunft, verrätst du mir, wie teuer das in Etwa war? Ist nämlich wirklich toll!

  8. I wish America had as much beautiful places and history like you guys have over there! So so so lucky. You look gorg in the photo of you as well and I hope you enjoyed your trip hun!

  9. Great pictures, even I feel like I should visit, though i live here. :D Thank you for advertising my city!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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