Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Hi guys!

Sorry, somehow I couldn't think of a nice title.

Hm, it's Sunday again. Why do the weekends always pass so fast? Even the uneventful ones fly by before you can say "weekend"!

Only on more week to go until I will return to Budapest for another business trip, only 3 more weeks until the new semester begins, only one month more to go until Patrick and I o to Ireland. This is all going so fast, I want a slow-motion button for life!

There is this quote from a German movie (Absolute Giganten) I have to think of now, it's something along these lines:

"You know what I think sometimes? There should always be music. For everything that you do. And if everything is really screwed up, at the there would still be the music. And at this point where it is most beautiful, the record should skip, so you only hear this moment on repeat."

♥ hat: zara ♥ cardigan: only ♥ dress worn as shirt: pull & bear ♥ belt: gift ♥ skirt: h&m ♥ socks: bershka ♥ boots: ebay ♥ necklace: sarah et pauline

Speaking of time flying by: the other day I have made my schedule for the new semester and almost fell from my chair when I saw that I'm almost done with my bachelor studies! For some different unpleasant reasons I've been studying much longer than expected, 12 semesters so far to be exact. A few semesters ago it started getting on my nerves and I have been feeling the urge to complete my studies since then. Now I'm almost at the finish line and it feels strange because I got so used to this inner voice telling me "You won't ever finish, you slow coach!".

If everything goes well I can finally write my bachelor thesis next semester. Actually I'm already pretty scared, but oh what a relief at the same time! :)

Honestly I'm always slightly embarrassed when it comes this topic and when I have to justify why my bachelor studies take me so long, but connected to that, I wanted to tell you about the amazing courses I'll take this spring/summer!

First of all I plan to refresh my French language skills as long as I have the chance to (meaning as long as I can get free language education at university). I'm so looking forward to learning French again! In junior high I had French for four years, but I wasn't motivated at all then. Now I am! I love the elegance and fluent sound of the French language and can't wait to learn the grammar and pronunciation properly this time.

Furthermore I'm really looking forward to some other seminars about media ethics, bio ethics, the body-mind problem and cultural theory.

Oh by the way: I took these photos at a cool place I found in the forrest near Schloss Eller, my new favourite location to take outfit shots without being disturbed. Okay a cyclist or walker every once in a while, but apart from that there is not a soul. So pleasing! Like I said last time, I'm starting to enjoy the silence there.

The outfit includes another new piece I brought home from Budapest: the skirt was marked down to 7€ in the H&M sale. Yes I know I have H&M here in Düsseldorf too, but I can't resist a good bargain - even when being abroad ;)

Have a lovely Sunday guys!

now playing: fleet foxes - montezuma

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  1. Adorable! Always! ^^d
    Love the cardie and top.
    Well, everything! ^^<3
    And I`m so jelly you get to go to Budapest again...and Ireland!
    Siiigh..I wanna travel too. ^^d
    Huggles! MMxoxo

  2. Such an adorable look :) Love the cardi with the blouse :) You're absolutely right, I'm already depressing over the fact that it's already sunday.

  3. die mütze steht dir ausgezeichnet!!

    und ich liebe es, wie du die farben kombinierst!

  4. dankesehr ! ♥ ich finde deine outfits immer richtig schön ! :)
    liebste grüße, annalena ♥

  5. I like the mix of colors very much!
    Nice place for taking photos... <3

  6. How is it you always manage to pull off clashing prints and colours so well? Completely envious of your ability to put together such colourful outfits


  7. I'm so jealous of all your travel plans! Your outfit is very cute, and I wouldn't worry about being in college a bit longer than planned. I love school and can't stop going back! It's become problematic.

  8. I love the colours on this outfit!
    That skirt is awesome! <3

  9. Oh you are so lovely and cute! Love your boots!

  10. ja ich habe ritals auch erst durch die glossy box kennengelernt ;D voll toll!!

  11. beautiful look dear in love with your yellow hat and skirt dear thanks so much for your lovely comment at my blog I'm following you hope you follow me back kisses

  12. Ohhh these pictures are awesome, I love this skirt, so pretty and what a great price! You cannot say no to that at all.
    I have a hard time coming up with titles too sometimes, I can write a long post but a title just seems too much!

  13. Congratulations on nearly completing your studies. That is a great accomplishment. You look great in these pics, I love your style!

    I would love to do a style interview with you for my blog! :)
    contact me if you'd be interested


  14. Your boots are really cute-i love lace up boots!

  15. What a great skirt! Love the warm colors here.

  16. This outfit is gorgeous I love how the different colours in the cardigan are drawn out in the other pieces.

  17. Really great look again ! I love how you use colour, so nice and fresh. :) Cute key necklace too.

    Thank you for the comment
    Have a great day,

    Indie by Heart

  18. Das Outfit ist wirklich verdammt süß!

  19. That cardigan is so perfect.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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