Friday 2 March 2012

(not) deep in the woods

Hi guys!

Between the city trip pics I would also like to squeeze in these outfit pics I took even before I left for Budapest. On that day I went to the countryside, to my old stomping grounds, to enjoy a lovely raclette evening with my girls. I arrived a bit too early and remembered this cool place outside of the village, a kind of clearing, but not really in the forest. It's rather a grassy place surrounded by some trees and bushes with religious memorials arranged in a circle and with a big one in the middle. By day it's a quiet and somehow mystic place, I think no one ever goes there, you can only hear the sound of the trees in the wind and the animals moving through the bushes. By night it's really creepy there - at least I imagine it to be creepy when you're alone. I once was there at night, but we were a group of bawling teenagers celebrating Halloween, hence no creepy atmosphere ;)

I always imagined the clearing described in the short story "Death in the Woods" to look a bit like that.

♥ jacket, top, skirt + scarf: h&m ♥ cardigan + belt: primark ♥ necklace: china souvenir from the girls ♥ shoes: goertz ♥

It was cold and crazily windy when I was there and it was already beginning to dawn, so I had massive problems with findign the right camera settings for this strange light. I hate blurry photos, but by hindsight I noticed that the blurriness adds a mystic touch to them... or maybe it's just my imagination.
Anyway, I'm starting to like taking outfit photos outside and I'm getting used to carrying around my camera and finding different places than my balcony as backdrops.

However I'm not able to go to the countryside every time I want to take pictures, so I have to find some nice locations here in the city too. Actually it's prett hard because I don't want other people to stare at me when I'm running back and forth to activate the self-timer and to pose ;)
Tomorrow I have a day off, maybe I'll go exploring...

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Adorable skirt and coat. My next post will have a scarf that has almost the same pattern as your coat :)

  2. Lovely! Especially necklace and skirt <3

  3. how pretty! love the top and the green of the skirt. ^^d lovely piccies. ^^v MMxoxo

  4. Ah super :D vielen lieben Dank! Ich hab das direkt mal in meinen Favs gespeichert.
    Übrigens mag ich dieses Outfit total <3

  5. PS: Was arbeitest du denn? Wegen der Dienstreise...

  6. i adore the flowers and the color on your skirt!! amazing outfit!!

  7. Probably gunna fly over there right now just so I can steal this skirt. Such a gorgeous green and I love the fit of it! I've been hating on all my skirts and skirts I've been trying on lately, this is the type that I need to bring me outta my skirt funk!!
    I love the detailing on your top too, SO cool.

  8. You look absolutely amazing!! Love your skirt and cute cardi! Following you on Bloglovin:)

    Kisses, Lucy!

  9. Das sind schoene fotos! Ich habe jetzt in Bruessel (ab Samstag) auch eine Balkon, und freue mich schon, so ganz einfach Fotos machen zu koennen. In Edinburgh muss ich immer in die Oeffentlichkeit!

  10. I love your outfit! Your coat has such a gorgeous pattern! Hahaha, you're braver than me, anything slightly creepy and I run away as fast as I can! But the setting is really pretty, and I agree the blur makes them more mystical and pretty.

  11. das outfit ist richtig toll <3

  12. Ein seeeehr hübsches outfit! Die Blümchen auf dem Top passen so gut zum Rock!

    Und wegen der Kameraeinstellungen, hast du eventuell den ISO wert wieder hochgeschraubt? Also ich finds etwas zu überbelichtet und hmm zu "scharf" wenn du weißt was ich meine, der Hintergrund ist so kantig und scharf, dass es schon von dir ablenkt. Wenn's dämmert kannst du die Blende auf den kleinsten Wert stellen (3.5 beim standardobjk. glaub ich) und dann die Belichtungszeit auf ca 20-10 jenachdem wie dunkel es ist. Und dann musst du nur noch stillhalten ^^

  13. We have friends in common so I cem to visit, and I love, love your style.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a grand weekend.

  14. this cardi is gorgeous! I love the way it brings the outfit together- so beautiful!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  15. lovely outfit! x


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