Wednesday, 12 December 2012

well plaid

Hi guys!

Phew, first real outfit post after the big hiatus - what can I say? I missed blogging.
In the last couple of months I've rarely worn something exciting, only jeans and shirt combos with boots and sneakers, so to warm up for blogging regularly again I chose this simple comfy look for the re-entry.
I don't know if it's just because of the winter weather or maybe also because I at least needed the feeling of comfiness when everything else was shit during the breakup, but my style has simplified itself a lot lately.
I'm back to the roots so to speak, to casual comfy looks, to bring other aspects of my appearance more into focus again, like make-up and hair. On the one hand it's because I've lost some weight this year and feel more self-confident without concealing things, on the other hand it's definitely also because I define myself differently now. Living in a relationship for a long time makes you define yourself by the other person to a certain extent, but now that I don't have this person anymore my style automatically changes and I start defining myself by other things again, like my taste in music, my hobbies, my friends. This makes me want to underline certain aspects of me that I put into the background before.

So this is what I look like most days at the moment: plaid shirts, cardi, skinnies, boots. Sometimes a hat too.
Probably pretty boring for many of you, but that's what I feel good in.
I will never stop loving plaid shirts for they are so cool and versatile and available in so many colours and fits. Actually not boring at all if you combine them with different stuff. And this is my very favourite plaid shirt which cost me ridiculous 3 bucks at a crappy thrift store - simple people can be satisfied with simple things, right? ;)

What do you think of plaid shirts by the way?
Wardrobe staple or nerdy no-go?
Lumberjack love or mechanical engineer uniform?

Until next post,

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  1. jeder braucht ein kariertes hemd!! schönes outfit-gut siehst du aus!

  2. Such a great casual look, i love plaid shirts comfy sweaters and skinnies for my days off when it's chilly. That cardigan looks SO comfy and awesome!!
    I'm glad to see you back in the blogging world and it sounds like you're doing good :)

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  4. hi there!
    i love your pics!

  5. I love plaid shirts, they are just so easy to style. They are one of my wardrobe staples too, especially at this time of year xo

  6. Good to see you back ! Really great outfit ! Looks so comfy !

  7. love that shirt!! and those colors are perfect together!!

  8. ich freue mich das du wieder da bist und das es dir gut geht! :) und vorallem das du wieder internet hast! woohoo! :)

    du schaust super aus und mützen stehen dir voll gut, ich glaub der haarschnit passt dir seht gut :)

    das outfit find ich auch cool, ich liebe plaid! aber ich trage es viel zu selten dir steht es aber super :)


  9. der cardigan ist super süß <3 sieht kuschelig aus.

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  10. love this look...i'm loving short boots!

  11. Love this outfit, you look incredible! That cardigan is such a lovely colour - as is your hair missy : )


  12. It's a great comfy outfit! Love the plaid and big cardigan mixed with the simple skinnies and bad ass boots, it's definitely a good look I always like too. I still adore your hair like no other. About the whole redefining yourself thing: I completely relate. After breaking up with my boyfriend I've changed so much because, of course, you define yourself a lot more by who YOU are instead of who you are WITH. I started realising and exploring who I actually am and that goes together with a bit of a stylechange too. Also, finding awesome cheapo things at thrift stores is the best.

  13. Oh yeah,I love plaid shirts! And that beanie looks great on you!



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