Friday, 21 December 2012

provide me clues just go ahead

Hi guys!

Phew it's been a pretty busy time lately and the pre-Christmas time flew by so fast I was hardly able to enjy it. Somehow I'm totally lacking of the Christmas spirit this year. Okay, of course I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, but apart from that there is not much christmassy stuff going on. A few visits to the Christmas market, a little self-torture in the overcrowded shops, but that was it.
I didn't even manage to squeeze in some time for baking cookies. December is too short for me this year - but maybe it's because of all the to-dos for the new apartment and because I'm trying to keep myself busy to not hang around home alone.
Anyway, despite the lack of time I was able to take some outfit shots the other day at least.

I haven't worn this sailing boat dress for what feels like ages! When I bought it one or two years ago I just had to have it because of the cute print but then hardly ever wore it as a dress. Why? Well I felt uncomfortable because I thought it was too short and revealed too much of my thighs. Oh the complexes, right?
Now a year later the dress fits more loosely, still has the same length and I'm confident enough to wear it as a dress without the obligatory skinny jeans underneith that I used to combine it with.
It's so perfectly comfortable for sitting around at the office all day, I'm glad I rediscovered it in my wardrobe!

Haha the pout, sorry can't help it when taking photos.

So, do you guys already have certain Christmas plans? I mean, at this time next week it'll be over already, so crazy! Are you going to celebrate with your family and friends too? Maybe you're going on holiday? Or you're going to attend some special Christmas events? Go to church? Have goose? Watch all the cheesy Christmas movies? God I can hear Disney's a Christmas carol hear me calling! :)

Tell me about what makes Christmas christmassy for you this year.


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  1. aww you look darling ^^<3
    missed your posts! haven`t been online so much lately o.o;
    anyhoops, hope you will have a wonderful xmas! ^^<3

    hugglies, MMxoxo

  2. This is an awesome outfit!! I love the boat print dress, it looks gorgeous on you. Perfect with the cardi and little hat.
    Christmas has for sure flown by, which sucks! I am going to my friend's Christmas party this weekend and then actually Christmas is going to be spent with family of course

  3. I like the outfit and the beanie is so cool!

  4. That dress is adorable! You look so warm and cosy, it's good to see that you can still wear nice dresses even though it's cold!

    I always think December is far too short, it always just go by in a blur. I haven't felt very Christmassy this year either, it's strange....I'm meant to be making some ginger bread men and gingerbread houses today though so maybe that will get me into the spirit :D

    On Christmas I will be cooking a huge Christmas breakfast, followed by a huge Christmas lunch for my boyfriends family. My boyfriends mother usually does all of the cooking and everything on Christmas but this year she is very sick (cancer) so I'm going to do my best to take up her place and make Christmas really good for everyone the way she always does :)

  5. richtig süsse Motive auf das Kleid!!!


  6. the print on the dress is so cute!

  7. Der Hut sieht wirklich total süß an dir aus! Und das Kleid ist auch super.
    Haha, ja, die Lavendelblüten sind nicht allzu leicht zu erkennen...

  8. that's such a cute dress, girl! i didn't even get to bake any cookies either :(

  9. Great outfit! I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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