Monday 31 December 2012

owl let you go 2012

Hi guys!

Woot woot it's the last day of the year! Is everyone prepared for party tonight?
Well I am. Actually I had no plans apart from booze and pizza with me, myself and I but I got a last minute chance to join a raclette and a private party. Would I say no to that and rather spend the night alone? No f*cking way! I was so eager to celebrate that this crappy year with all its disappointments is over - so I will do it. Day saved.

So this is the last post in 2012. Farewell you annoying year. And concerning the blog, here's to more nice outfits and better photo quality next year! ;)

As you might remember I moved to another part of the city two months ago. I already knew the area a bit, but still there's a lot left to explore in the new neighbourhood, e.g. places to take photos.!
Yesterday I had absolutely nothing to do - well okay, I could have written an essay for university, but anyway... Instead I went out to get some fresh air and took a walk to look for a good place to take outfit photos. When I had found one it was already dawning, hence the crappy light and quality (I still don't know how to handle my camera in different lighting, will have to practice a bit more or get a better lens...).

The outfit mostly contains of new pieces that I have bought in the winter sale lately. I'm in love with my new owl shirt which was only 7 bucks. And this pretty warm and woolly jacket is a lucky strike from the visit to the Esprit outlet two days ago.
How do you like it?

I wish everyone some lovely last hours of 2012, a fun night with lots of celebration and positive thoughts and a good start into the new year!
How are you going to celebrate tonight?

Until next year,

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  1. du siehst super aus !!!! der pullover ist echt der knaller.
    apropo knaller: hab einen schönen silvesterabend :*

  2. Der Pulli ist genau mein Fall!


  3. here's to you not spending nye with yourself and here's to a better 2013

  4. Frohes neues Jahr! :) Ich hoffe du hattest einen schönen Silvesterabend!

    Der Look von deinem Blog gefällt mir sehr gut. Hast du die Buttons selbst gemacht?!

    Love, Anja

  5. Süßes Outfit, die Jacke ist einfach nur geil!

  6. die jacke und die hose sehen toll aus <333 total gemütlich :)

    Happy New Year!!

  7. frohes neus jahr! schön zu lesen, dass es dir wieder gut geht und du ein schönes neues heim hast. 2013 kann nur gut werden ... :)

  8. Great jacket, and I love your maxi scarf!

    Happy new year :)))

  9. Ja die Bilder rauschen aber ich mochte sie schon im sneak peek sehr gerne! Blaue Stunde macht ein schönes Licht! Und das Outfit gefällt mir auch total gut! Die Jacke ist nice!

    Btw., bei Dämmerung kannst du ja mal im manuellen Modus versuchen deinen ISO Wert auf die kleinste Stufe zu stellen, zb 200. Den Blendenwert so groß (aber klein von der Zahl her) wie möglich, z.B. 3.5 beim Standardobjektiv und die Belichtung dann so ungefähr auf 20.

  10. Oh man und voll blöd gelaufen mit dem Giveaway! Haben wohl zu wenige mitbekommen und ich selber hab dann den 25. auch verpennt! :-@ Man ist ja immer so beschäftigt vor Weihnachten -__-

  11. Cute layering!
    Happy 2013!

    xo Jennifer

  12. i actually really love your hair like this


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