Saturday 29 December 2012

christmas eve outfit

Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas?
I hope it was full of quality time with family and friends, good food, booze, party, presents and glitter for all of you! :)
Mine was actually uneventful. I spent it at my Mum's and at my Dad's place in turn and the only thing we did was eating and lounging about on the sofa watching movies. Very lazy this year.
The weekend before Christmas I was out and about too with some good friends. I went to a transvestite theatre (which was SO funny), and to the Christmas party in my hometown at the pub where I used to waste my youth. Let's sum it all up saying I really had a blast the last couple of days! :)

This is what I wore on Christmas Eve, a simple black and nude combo with some glitter to make it a tad more festive. The dress is superlight and comfy, it has a stretchy waist - this my friends is the most important thing about an outfit that you wear to sit around and stuff your face with food! ;)
The booties are a recent buy that's slowly but steady becoming a new favourite. I can practically wear them with anything and I love how the studded back adds a bit of rock chic to all outfits.
The little golden mustache necklace is another new favourite, I swapped it with a girl from Austria and almost never took it off since its day of arrival.

So that was my little Christmas report. Tomorrow the outfit from Christmas Day will follow.
How was your Christmas time? What did you eat? What presents did you get? :)

Have a lovely evening!

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  1. I love this outfit for Christmas eve!! That dress is such a beautiful shade and the sparkly black cardigan is so perfect. Glad to hear you had a laid back Christmas :)

  2. Just perfect look! ❤

  3. those glitter sure did make it festive, i LOVE THE PEACHY TONES!x

  4. You look awesome! That sparkly sweater is so pretty with your little pink dress. Fantastic outfit!


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