Monday 21 July 2014

my mum's wedding

my mum's wedding outfit post title

Hi lovelies!

I've been waiting to publish this post for so long because I was curious about the professional photos and then it took the photographer ages to upload them to his gallery but now they are finally online and my post is complete.
Voilà: my mum's wedding!
It took place in May, shortly after her birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect.
A little bit of background info: when my mum got married to my dad they were  both very young and didn't have much money so their wedding was simple and convenient, nothing like the pompous deluxe weddings we seen on TV and also not even like the common "normal budget" weddings.
Long story short: after a unspectacular first wedding and a divorce now her second (and hopefully last) wedding had to be amazing - and it was!

She had a customized white suit (for some reason she was totally over white dresses), a beautiful bouquet of red roses, she had picked a delicious wedding cake and a beautiful romantic country style location.
In the morning we had our hair done at the local smalltown hairdresser's shop (who went a bit crazy on me with the curler), afterwards we went to the registry office for the official part and eventually had a big celebration at a country restaurant and guest house far into the night. Luckily the closest friends and family members were so privileged to even have rooms for the night there.

Thanks to the overexposure it looks like I'm wearing white tights but no, these are actually my legs (in transparent tights).
As for the outfit: the crop blazer was a flea market find, the dress is Pimkie, the necklace is Primark and the shoes Deichmann.
The price for the whole outfit was less than 40 €.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, no? ;)
One week after the wedding the newly-weds left for Gran Canaria to spend their honeymoon there.
And now they are living happily ever after...

Have a nice day!

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  1. Congratulations to your mom! She looks fantastic! I love the white suit!
    You look lovely! The red dress is grogeous!

  2. congrats to your mum! so looks amazingly chic in her white pants suit! and you look very pretty in laces!


  3. Oooooh wie cool! Ich find das toll, wenn man sich auch im höheren Alter noch traut! Richtig coooool :-) Ein hübsches Paar! Sehn wirklich sehr glücklich aus die 2! Und du hast auch super ausgesehen! Das Kleid passt toll zusammen mit dem Bolero!

  4. Das letze Foto ist ja super! ;)
    Generell scheint ihr wirklich eine tolle und schöne Feier gehabt zu haben.
    Und dein Kleid ist schick, diesen Stil mag ich sehr gern.

  5. Komischerweise bekomme ich immer Pipi in die Augen sobald es um das Thema Hochzeit geht ^-^
    Wunderschöne bilder & Glückwunsch für deine Eltern :)


  6. You rocked :)
    Awesome outfit and super cool pics
    Great work!

  7. Ouu, weddings can be so fun! Looks like you all had a blast!

  8. congrats to your mum... love ur dress :)

  9. Your mom is adorable and so is your outfit! Looks like your fam had a great time :)

    xo Carbar

  10. Wow deine Mama sah richtig klasse aus! Der Anzug steht ihr fabelhaft, vor allem der Kragen ist toll!!

    Und YAY! Na dann Glückwunsch zum Abschluss und zum neuen Freund und bald neuem Wohnort! WOW! Da erlebst du ja bald einiges!

    Und jop meine MA läuft ^^ Ich seh's quasi als Job an und stress mich nicht. Sonst wird man ja auch bekloppt bei einem halben Jahr Bearbeitungszeit.

  11. Aww it looks amazing!
    Your mum's white suit is incredible, I love the tailoring around the neckline and you look lovely in red!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  12. Congrats to your mum!!
    I love wedding parties, no idea why, but I think they're just so much fun!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  13. Wow, it looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to your mum! You look so pretty. I love the red details, and I love your mums white pantsuit! xx

  14. Super congrats to you mom! She looks so lovely in that white suit! Just got my internet back so sorry for the delay!


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