Friday 15 June 2012

dancing with your ghost

Hi guys!

Ho ware you doing? It's almost weekend again, isn't that a good feeling? I got some fun plans, what about you?

These photos are from last week. Although it's June, there is still this strange unsettled weather here, not really summery, so the other day it rained cats and dogs. I spent the day at the office but was able to leave in the afternoon and just in time it stopped raining and got sunny and sticky - so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take photos in the nearby forest as there would probably not be many people.
I headed to the lovely little pond that's located at the edge of the forest next to a farm. It's such a lovely place anyway and after the rain it was especially beautiful with the sunlight falling onto the raindrop-moistened plants. Look how they glow so green in the background - gorgeous!

♥ jacket: new yorker ♥ cardi: c&a ♥ dress + jeans: primark ♥ scarf: gina tricot ♥ shoes: converse ♥ necklace: labyrinth vintage ♥ belt: thrifted ♥ bag: asos ♥

In this outfit I remixed my new floral dress that I had worn some days before here. I have already mentioned that on most days I don't really feel like wearing shorter dresses as I'm not really happy with my thighs, so this day I wore it as a kind of tunic with jeans and chucks - nice and comfortable.
I also wore my lovely "Dummy Cat Necklace" that I bought from Labyrinth Vintage some years ago. They have a new website and online shop now, so if you are into animal jewelry as much as I am, I highly recommend a glance at their collection! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

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  1. Eee that picture of the fish is cute :) Love your outfit too - great satchel!

    Karys x

  2. Lovely photos! :)

    Love the necklace, it's soooo cute :) xx

  3. Loooove your necklace, the cat is so cute! I'm a sucker for animal jewellery :)

  4. Cute look, I really love the bag


  5. I loove this look!!! You look so cozy and warm, perfect for a rainy day, gorgeous look chicka. It sucks that the weather is sooo shitty right now, it's been like that here too. Warm then cold then warm, and rainy

  6. hahahah that photo of the fish!

    I love the pattern of flowers on that dress, my dear!

    have a great weekend!

    love, polly :D


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