Sunday 10 June 2012

I ❤ sandwiches

Hi guys!

How was your Saturday so far?
Mine was really nice because I had nothing, yes no-thing to do. Well okay actually I could have started writing an essay for university, but I'm a professional procrastinator so I had nothing to do ;)

So after sleeping in I got up, made me a vanilla macchiato and my new addiction: sandwiches! I started buying them for my lunch break at university some weeks ago and then thought they are so much cheaper if I prepare them myself at home. the other day I headed for the supermarket to get some things and then just started throwing everything yummy on the slices of sandwich toast bread. Ha, really a new obsession was born! I love the soft fluffy bread and all sorts of vegetables and cold cuts in between!

Basically, if you like to try it yourself, you can throw anything you want on it.
This is only an idea, this is my favourite composition at the moment:

4 slices of sandwich toast bread
 and then on each slice you put:

- radish curd
- some lettuce leaves
- some slices of ham
- some slices of Leerdamer cheese (or other)
- on top some tomatoes and cucumber slices
- on the very top spread some honey mustard (e.g. Dijon au miel)
- finish with another slice of bread

Et voilà, a yummy sandwich!
I plan trying to convert it into a hot meal with grilled vegetables and melted cheese soon. Or an Italian version with pesto and antipasti. Oh I have so many ideas...

It's so perfect for summer and so easy and quick to prepare for university or for the office!
What do you say? Are you a sandwich fan too?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. boa ich hab grad dran gedacht; wie geil wäre ein richtig dick belegtes sandwich jez? und zack hab ich eins in der hand!

  2. Das sieht wirklich mega lecker aus,,
    Doof ist nur das es meist doppelt so lang dauert sich ein geiles Sandwich zu belegen wie sich ein Käsebrot zu machen :-D
    Liebste Grüße

  3. wow the sandwich looks yummy! <3

  4. wow the sandwich looks yummy! <3

  5. i love sandwiches!!! they're so great for snacking!


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