Saturday 9 June 2012

the planets bend between us

Hi guys!

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Ugh going to work on a Friday is especially hard when the day before was a holiday and you are one of the few poor people who didn't get a long weekend. But at least I only worked until 3 and afterwards had the chance to go to the city and look for some shirts. I love to wear long breezy shirts over skinny jeans and recently ran out of them somehow, but I was able to find two new ones and bring them home with me.

♥ dress: primark ♥ cardigan: zara ♥ belt: h&m ♥ shoes + necklace: new yorker ♥ owl bracelet: stylight ♥ black bracelet: ebay ♥

This is what I wore some days ago. Isn't this floral dress lovely? I already had an eye on it in Ireland a month ago, however decided to not get it because it's so short. Back in Germany I went to Primark to get it though because I still was so in love with it. Navy is one of my favourite colours ever and the florals are just so cute, so I thought "Screw the length!" and wore it - and loved it! :)

I somehow look so tired in the photos, seems I'm feeling a bit under the weather that has been pretty unsettled lately. Today I'm quite exhausted from a normal office day as well - and I didn't even take my allergy medicine that knocks me out completely. Weather, please decide if you'd like to be summery or not! And please go for a not too hot summer...

Have a very lovely weekend everyone! :)

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  1. Ohhhh this is definitely one of my favourite outfits ever. I love the dress, it looks amazing, such wonderful colours in it!! And the bright shoes and colourful cardigan tie everything in so wonderfully :)

  2. I love the cardigan with that outfit, so colourful. :)

  3. You look lovely. :D


  4. Love this dress and your bracelet is great! I have been super tired lately.. I think I am fighting a cold.. never fun in the summer!! Feel better and get some rest!

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  5. aww you look soo pretty! i LOVE your dress :)

  6. i hope you start feeling better girl!

  7. das kleid steht dir toll und deine haare gefallen mir gut!

  8. stunning!!! that's what u re darl :-)

  9. oh my gosh i absolutely love this outfit girl! your dress is totally gorgeous and i love how you accented the red and yellows with the cardigan and shoes. too wonderful!



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