Saturday 30 June 2012

the baggies

Hi guys!

Yes, I know it's rare to see me wearing pants - especially in the summertime, but on Thursday it was so sticky outside that I just had to dig out my light and breezy cotton baggies from the closet. I don't like wearing skirts without tights so much (the summmer legs problem, a well-known complex of mine), so these pants are my favourites for these days with high air humidity.Remember my other pair of breezy pants, the jodhpurs? Now I'm doing "the baggies".

I wore this to uni the day before yesterday and on a trip to different home depots and furniture shops afterwards. I was looking for a matching set of soap dispenser, toilet brush and rubbish bin for our bathroom. Yes, that's just my glamourous life... And the story gets even more glamourous: we recently got a new toilet lid and plan to buy a new bath mat and I'm very fussy about matching home accessories.Now you may officially call me a dork because I blog about toilet accessories...
Anyway, at least I spent some time roaming the yard of Schloss Eller afterwards and took outfit pics.

Today is clean up the apartment day, so I'll be with this in the afternoon. Tonight I'm invited to dinner by my mum and her boyfriend, so I'm looking forward to either Greek or Mexican food (depending on where we get a table), yay!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

P.S. Whoops, I'm stupid. For the record: the t-shirt is not as stated from Forvert,
but from Element.

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  1. die hose steht dir super :) hatte gestern eine bunte haremshose an, die sitzt ähnlich!
    den rock gabs in köln zu hauuuf in allen größen nur nich in 42 -.- hab dann einen 40er genommen und damit dann noch mein selbstbewusstsein gepusht :D
    hab einen schönen tag!

  2. great pants and cute top! love the color of your cardigan!
    4 giveaways on my blog!!

  3. Die Tasche! Die Tasche!!! <3

    Ich find's sehr lässig. Hab' mir gestern auch so eine Schlabberhose im Sale gegönnt.

  4. Die Farbe deiner Hose ist total schön:) Und passt auch gut zur Kombination mit der Farbe deines Cardigans:)

  5. Die Hose ist ja mal super und steht dir sehr gut! ;)

  6. Love your slouchy comfy outfit!
    and i simply LOVE the blog header-it looks so cute!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. you always look so lovely. I really need a pair of those breezy pants.
    Sending you some extra love today...xoxoxo

  8. huhu

    sehr schöner blog, gefällt mir sehr gut! *-*
    Werd dich mal followen c:

    schau doch mal bei mir vorbei?!

    Liebste Grüße
    Yannick von

  9. Hi Carina, I just saw a similar Baggies over at Mango, hees! the baggies! Ah, and i just read your summer legs problems, lets just say we are in common, mine have marks and they were like pigmented and wont fade, i tried several things to make it go away but it wont budge so instead of being ridiculously envious of the other girls going bare, i wore leggings or stocking but if i really want to go out bare i will wear the sally hansen leg makeup (Thought i had share) and man, i have insecurity issues over that which means i cant wear pretty highwaist shorts :/ Anyway, i still think that SELF CONFIDENCE is the best key yo whatever you are going to wear!

    p.s thanks for always coming over to read my blog! x

  10. Every piece of your outfit is absolutely great and together they are perfect! Love your outfit!!!

  11. I adore your shirt dear I also love to wear dresses but sometimes we need to have a break and wear pants have fun with your mum and greek and mexican are really nice love both of the food have a great weekend dear kisses Virgit
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  12. schönes outfit!


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