Tuesday 5 June 2012

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Hi guys!

Normally I don't really blog about the Glossybox, but this time I was pretty content with what I got, so I thought an almost 100% positive box is worth a post.
For all of you who don't know the concept: you pay 15€ per month and receive a surprise package with five (reputedly) top quality beauty products.

1. L'Oreal Hair Expertise "EverPure Shampoo" - A full size (250ml) of this shampoo, really cool! First of all the packaging is quite appealing to me, the shiny bottle automatically suggests shiny hair to me (haha marketing tactic victim, I know). The smell is nice and lasted for a while after I washed my hair, the scent is fresh and unintrusive. I have only used the shampoo twice, so I can't say anything about the colour protection yet, but in general it makes the hair feel and look fresh and silky.

2. A (blush?) brush - Well, at least I think it's for blush because it resembles the blush brushes I already own. It came just right for my momentary blush addiction, but there is nothing really special about it, it's a brush, it works, that's it.

3. sexyhair "bigsexyhair Root Pump" - A sample size of hairspray I thought. Then I read "spray mousse" and when I wanted to spray the mousse on my hand it turned out to be hairspray. Huh? I don't understand the name. Anyway, I have not tried it yet, but I'm curious about if it helps to lift the roots for more volume. What I can say already is that it smells very nice, like a fresh flowery shower gel. 

4. Sans Soucis "Brilliant Shine Every Day Lip Gloss" - a full size of light pink lip gloss with shimmer particles. I'm not a lip gloss girl at all, I prefer not-so-shiny and not-so-sticky lipsticks, so I have not tested the gloss and can't say anything about it. I'll probably sell it or give it away. The only thing I can say is that the packaging looks quite boring.

5. Yes To Carrots "Daily Softening Hand & Elbow Cream" - A sample size of cream for hands and elbows. On the front it says "98% natural product", which makes me wonder why they couldn't keep the remaining 2% natural too? Come on, other brands manage to do this, it can't be so hard?! Somehow they joke on themselves with this statement in my opinion. Anyway, the cream smells very nice, a discreet soft soapy smell and it makes the skin on my hands and elbows very soft, so I think it's a good product. I would consider buying a full size of this (eventhough it costs 15€), but this ridiculous 98% natural slogan puts a damper on it.

6. Payot "My Payot Jour" face cream - A sample of cream for "dull skin lacking radiance". This is one of these typical over the top products! The smell is pretty neutral with only a tad of perfume and yes it makes soft skin, but despite the slogan "Fatigue? Simply wiped away!", it does not make your face more radiant, it's "only another face product", nothing special about it and the price for  a full size is 32€. So I'll stick to my cheaper drug store face cream and save the money for a new lipstick or so ;). 

How was your Glossybox? Or do you receive other boxes? How are the products you got?
And what do you think of my products above? Any experiences or recommendations?

Have a lovely day!

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