Tuesday 14 February 2012

valentine veto

Hi guys!

Happy Valetine's Day to all of you out there! :)
If you've been following along for some time you might already know that neither Patrick, nor me are very romantic persons in real life. Okay, sometimes I have these "What if" scenes in my head, like "What if Patrick would fetch me from work to take me to the Rhine and watch the sunset today?". But naaaw, we're not like that in real life. We're rather the type of couple who grabs some thai fast food after work and lounges about on the sofa while watching Dexter. Sorry to disappoint you with unromantic 9-years-relationship reality guys ;)

♥ cardi, jeggings + boots: h&m ♥ dress: only ♥ hat: 1€ shop ♥ belt: primark ♥ necklace: jewelmint ♥ tote: veto merchandise ♥

Against everyone's assumption the symbol on the bag is not a hand forming the peace or victory sign. It's V for Veto, a Danish band I got to see live the other day. This tote is what I broke my shopping ban for because the concert was so great that I had to have a "souvenir", furthermore I love simple tote bags with simple prints. So please don't consider me as a weird wannabe hippie ;) I'm not saying that I'm not a pacifist, but wearing a peace print on a bag is simply not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I hope all you couples and also the singles have a fantastic day today!
Have fun!

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  1. die mütze steht dir super und der beutel is klasse!
    das erste bild :D suuper!

  2. You look gorgeous, I love the print on your dress, and the belt looks great with it. You look super cosy too.
    I love your tote! I always have to have a souvenir from concerts too! Haha, it's part of the experience right? Or that's what I say, to make myself feel better for spending more money. Haha :D

  3. I love your boots! And that bag is so cool! <3

  4. GREAT outfit! :)
    As always!



  5. I actually think that this type of relationship is the best kind. There's nothing I enjoy more than to spend a quite afternoon with the one I love at home.
    Love the beanie and the floral print dress.

  6. Totally agree with no need to over-romanticise things! (Although we've been together with my Boyfriend for 7 years, so we're an old couple too. :)
    We don't have the pressure to really celebrate on V-day either, in Europe! (Luckily.)

  7. Das erste Foto ist ja witzig! :D
    Das Kleid mag ich sehr, steht dir super!

  8. Oh absolutely..overly romantic is kinda icky. And Valentine is definately my least favourite holiday..tho they all are. xD
    I like little romantic gestures..a hug and a kiss is more than enough. Sadly I don`t get either from my stupid tosser of a husband so everyday really sucks. xD Not only Valentine. XD
    But that leaves me with more love to share and I will target it to your lovely flower print dress this time! 8D ihihi It`s so pretty <3 Have a fun day luv! MMxoxo

  9. ooo die tasche ist super. :) gefällt mir sehr. hmm ja mein freund und ich sind eigentlich auch so. zum valenDIENSTAG (wie wir es gennant haben dieses jahr :P) haben wir uns getroffen, mit ner flasche sekt, einer pizza und filme geschaut :)


  10. Ahhh I totally love that dress entirely! I am hoping to stock my entire closet full of floral dresses this spring (if I can find any that actually fit!) Hahah. You look so adorable!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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