Saturday, 4 February 2012

a colourful mess

Hi guys!

At the moment Germany is blessed with the most beautiful winter ever! The temperatures are below zero, icy winds blow, but the sun shines bright in the sky at the same time. It's not this wet cold like we had in several winters before, it's a dry cold, which makes it much easier to chose the right clothing. Maybe it's only because I am a winter girl anyway, but I really really love it at the moment. It could be like this all year if you ask me, the crisp sunny mornings make me feel so good and brighten up my mood for the day and the icy air is so clear and feels so good to breathe in.
Okay enough of it, I know there are many of you out there who hate it, so I won't go on about the lovely weather anymore ;)

♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ cardi: h&m ♥ shirt: gina tricot ♥ skirt: vintage ♥ belt: primark ♥ tights: supermarket ♥ boots: ebay ♥

Can you see the bright sunlight in the pics coming through my kitchen windows? Normally I try to avoid taking outfit shots inside, but I really wanted to catch the beautiful light in the pics, so I made anexception. By the way this is what I wore to uni a few days ago. I love the colourfulness, so matchign for the beautiful weather! And believe me, despite the icy weather I didn't feel cold. A simple tube skirt underneath the floral one, two layers of thermo tights and lots of layering under the shirt did the trick ;)
This semester is over for me now and I can finally relax again, it's such a relief. My last uni day was on Thursday, it was pretty cool because in my "Death as a Problem of Practical Philosophy" seminar we watched and discussed the film "Dead Man Walking". I had not seen the film before and was really impressed by it (especially by the actors - Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon). It deals with the pros and cons of death penalty, so if you haven't seen it, I can really recommend it to you.

Oh, it's such a lazy Saturday today. I'll spend the afternoon doing laundry and wasting time in the interwebs. Tonight I'm going to meet a friend for some drinks and that's it. I love stress-free days :)

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I always love when bloggers talk about the weather of their countries! It's easier to understand the outfit choices :D

    I love how you mixed those patterns, the skirt is perfect <3

  2. cuuute! love the skirt!
    oh sunshine is so lovely during dark gloomy winter days ne. ^^
    japan has been quite freezing but whenever the sun comes out...i can deal with it better even if it doesn`t warm much. ^^v
    have a happy sunday! ^^v MMxoxo

  3. Lovely outfit, the necklace is gorgeous!

  4. You did a great job with this print mixing - super cute!

    xo Jennifer

  5. This skirt is so pretty! I love anything floral.
    And wins for stress free days, it's snowing here so I'm cosey-ed up with my pjs and a brew : )


  6. You look as adorable as always!

    Ioana of Fashezine

  7. 5 stimmt aber rest nicht ^^ es waren außerdem noch 2 und 6

    die creepers hätte ich ja gerne aber die sind sooo teuer!

    Und altaaa du hast dich ja echt dick eingepackt :D Aber genau das ist es was mich an diesem ZU kalten wetter nervt. Vor allem zwei leggings/strumpfhosen tragen find ich grauenhaft. aber der sommertyp bin ich ja auch nicht und mit sonnenschein statt regen lassen sich die minusgrade noch ertragen

  8. Great piece of pattern mixing here Carina! I adore the mustard dotted blouse! and your brass necklace is just amazing :) I really love to have a piece like that! And I totally agree with what you say about the fresh air. It just clears my head!

    Have a lovely sunday evening!

    XO Nikki

  9. Ohhh I love this mix of patterns and your cosy cardigan! Do you think you might do an outfit post in the snow sometime? I haven't seen snow for years and I'd love to see how it is where you are :D

  10. Oh you are just adorable!!! I love your shirt and skirt together...I am always mixing prints....happy new week. xoxox

  11. dead man walking is brilliant! i need to re-watch it now eheh

    I'm a winter gril too, but sometimes I just miss summer. I guess no one is ever happy with what they have^^

    I love every single piece of your outfit, but your cardi :O lush!

    btw, your comment made me wish we could hang out: i can never do geeky stuff with my friends :( i bet we'd have tons of fun haha :D

  12. I love the skirt, gorgeous print!xx

  13. I absolutely LOVE this outfit girl!!! You look so amazingly adorable as always. I especially love the mixed colors and prints. You made them work together so perfectly!
    I love winter too but it has been miserably hot and muggy these days already in Georgia (and spring still has almost 2 months til it gets here!!) We can already tell it's going to be a sweltering summer here in the south. Bleh! So I'm trying to enjoy what *winter* we have left! :( haha.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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