Monday, 13 February 2012

DaWanda spring finds

Hi guys!

The fact that I'm on a shopping ban concerning clothing, accessories and cosmetics at the moment does not implicate that I don't browse online shops for pretty stuff. Actually I do some virtual window shopping from time to time to keep my shopping lust down ;)
As I haven't done this for quite a while, I thought I could delight you and myself with a DaWanda spring wishlist (yeah a bit early this year, but anyway)...

home decor

// 1. art print via unique decor by ashley percival // 2. cushion via pink bug // 3. cushion via yucan // 4. tray via wohngemüse // 5. mugs via jolijou // 6. cushion via morgenistgesternheute //

clothing & accessories

// 1. scarf via anmut // 2. skirt via julia rau // 3. buttons via andischu // 4. necklace via flufftail // 5. bag via eleven elephant // 6. headband via miss cherry blossom // 7. scarf via wishproject //

Argh, sorry for the partly blurry pics, I don't know why my photo program does this sometimes...
Hope you enjoyed the cute items though ;)

Hey, speaking of shopping and wishlists!
Vedette Shapewear is having a special Valentine's Day promo for three days beginning today:

Have a lovely day!

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  1. The owl cushion is totally adorable <3

  2. great accesories!

  3. cool budapest war ich noch nie, wird aber bestimmt toll ♥


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