Friday, 17 February 2012

only love is all maroon

Hi guys!

It's Friday again, wow the time passes by so fast these days. It feels like New Year's Eve was only last week but now we're already anticipating spring. It will be the season of sunny weather and sprouting plants in the twinkling of an eye and we will be able to wear our flats and breezy skirts again. On the one hand this is awesome, because I like spring of course, but on the other hand life moves too fast for me. Sometimes I have the feeling, all these things that I'd like to see, make and learn will stay on my mental to-do list forever. I need to figure out how to make some of the points fit into my daily routine, for example learning more about photography, scouting out new locations, visiting more museums and concerts, learning how to sew...
There are girls who seem to handle everything without any problems, who manage to squeeze in a seminar here, an appointment there...
I always wonder if they really are supergirls or if they're just good at hiding troubles?!

♥ scarf, shirt + skirt: h&m ♥ cardigan: takko ♥ belt: bershka ♥ socks: department store ♥ shoes: pimkie ♥ watch: casio ♥

Okay, so the weekend lies ahead of me and I have some nice things planned for the next two days. Tomorrow I'll meet the girls gang for dinner, can't wait! We'll go to Farah's place, cook yummy things and I can clearly see the evening going into the direction of gossping, lounging about on the sofa with stuffed tummies and braiding each others hair (like last time). Could a Saturday night be more perfect? ;)
For most (or maybe even all) of us it will be the last chance to spend time with out friend Jasmin before she returns to Beijing after her "holidays here at home". She's been living in China for over a year and plans to go back and stay as long as possible because she's so happy there. Hence our girls night will also be a kind of farewell party again because we never know when we'll see her again. I'm sure it's going to be a fun night!

Uhm now last but not least I have to admit that I have broken my shopping ban again. "Naughty!" you'll say! And yes, it's true but I have an explanation ;p
I'm a bit unlucky concerning clothing at the moment because unfortunately now of all times everything starts to break or rip. Oh boy! Two weeks ago my only pair of black jeans ripped, so I couldn't wear them to a funeral and had to wear three pairs of tights on the cemetery at -8°C (that's where I got the bad cold from by the way). And if that wouldn't be enough, the other day my house slippers broke too!
So I intractably opened the H&M online sale page... Hey, I did a good job: I purchased new slippers, a few pairs of black jeans (of which one pair really fit perfectly!) and the only thing else I couldn't resist was the camel scarf, that I'm wearing in the photos, for 5€.
These are the slippers :D

Have a fantastic weekend guys!!! :)

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  1. wiedermal ein wunderschönes outfit! die farbe des cardigans steht dir super:)

  2. That maroon cardigan is so lovely, maroon is such a nice colour and goes beautifully with your dark hair and pale complexion.

    I have given up on shopping bans...why torture yourself I say! Providing there is enough money in the bank for rent/food/emergencies then there is no reason not to indulge is too short.

  3. Super Look. Takko setzt sich übrigens aktiv für faire Arbeitsbedingungen und gegen Kinderarbeit ein und ist dafür schon mehrfach ausgezeichnet worden. Denkt man gar nicht oder? Also modische, relativ günstige Sachen mit gutem Gewissen zu kaufen und zu tragen...was will man mehr ^^

  4. der gürtel gefällt mir besonders :)

  5. Als allerallererstes: Lieblingsoutfit bisher und DER CARDIGAN IST DER HAMMER!!! Takko? Undglaublich!! Da sollte ich echt öfter mal hin!

    Der Schal war auch definitiv ein guter Fang. Meine Schwester hat den gleichen ;) allerdings zum regulären Preis hihihihi :D wenn ich ihr sage, dass der jetzt im SALE ist.... ;) Lieber nicht!

    Und glaub mir, die, die augenscheinlich alles auf ein mal mit Links machen, haben deftigen Stress hinter den Kulissen ;)

    Schönes Wochenende!!

  6. Cute look. So sweet :)

    Stop by my blog, if you like!

  7. That's not too bad a reason to break your ban! You need pants!! And slippers are also a necessity, I'm impressed with how well you're doing on this ban!!
    You look adorable here, I frickin LOVE this skirt, denim, button up front, perfect. Looks great with that tee, scarf and cardigan :)
    Have fun with your lady friends :)
    ps. Bon Iver = amazing

  8. oooo me luvs your cardie and the slippers...ihihih!!! SO CUTE! i`d go all humptydumptybeardance around the house with them.\8D/ actually i do have brown and white. ^^v
    sounds like u have a great weekend planned! enjoy hun!^^ MMxoxo

  9. I feel that too, that times passes so fast and I will never do the things I've planned..and I never do! I hate that!
    On the other hand, I really like your outfit: great cardi, great belt, great tee!

  10. great photos :-) like your outfit

    I've seen this skirt so often but never bought it but it looks great on you

  11. I love the layering you did with this outfit. You look comfy and super cute.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. This is a great outfit, I love everything you're wearing, dear! <3

  13. Oh hosh posh! You look gorgeous and don't worry about breaking your shopping ban! You can always make an exception like that and hey atleast you owned up to it! (That's the whole point in the shopping ban to start with right!?) ;)

    You look adorable as always! I'm totally loving those shoes and that belt and the scarf! Heck the entire outfit is lovely!

  14. Lovely outfit - I especially like the scarf. x

  15. You look amazing. I love your combination of pieces and your scarf is to die for.

  16. So those boots..I have a pair very similar...LOVE them. xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Well, the camel scarf IS pretty cute... I guess it was just meant to be. I also really like this skirt. I hope you had a good night saying farewell to your friend.

  18. ich finde den rock so schön *.*


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