Saturday 11 February 2012

miss onion

Hi guys!

I'm sorry I haven't cared about the blog so much lately, but after my exam hiatus two weeks ago I had to recover from a bad flu this week. I've spent the last days in bed mostly, sleeping, watching Sons of Anarchy and drinking litres and litres of herbal tea. I'm feeling a bit better today, but I'll still take it easy over the weekend. Hopefully I'll be fit again next week, so I can finally go out and take some nice new outfit shots in the beautiful sunny winter weather we still have here.


♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ scarf: marc jacobs ♥ cardigan + belt: primark ♥ plaid shirt: pimkie ♥ shirt: review ♥ skirt: c&a ♥ boots: h&m ♥ necklace: gift ♥ brooch: budapest souvenir

I've been layering stuff like crazy lately because of the icy winds. Above you can see my layering masteerpiece so far, I think I haven't worn so many pieces of clothing in one look before, I felt just like an onion. But it really helped to keep me warm despite the -8°C we had back when I wore this last week.
Btw, see this beautiful new scarf of mine? I love it dearly and been basically living in it since I first took it out of the package it came in. I've won a giftcard for Shopbop in a giveaway of Monochroma.chic the other day and spent it on this high quality wool scarf and a pretty Maison Scotch necklace (which is no longer in stock). I never owned such an amazing scarf before and I admit I had never spent so much money on one item, BUT it's really worth it. The wool is not scratchy at all, it soft and warm and the scarf is long enough to wrap it around my neck twice. I wouldn't want to live without it anymore, I love it! :)
Thanks again to Kristy and to Shopbop!

If you like giveaways please come back tomorrow as I'll finally be posting a lovely giveaway in cooperation with a great online shop! Hope this made you curious... ;)

Have a good day!

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  1. kate nash ♥

    und deine kette is ja total toll!
    lieben gruß!

  2. Haha, so wirklich kann ich nicht zaubern- mir springen immer mehr Leser ab! ;)

    Sehr schöne Farben und Musterkombination. <3

  3. You look cute as always. Nice jumper and skirt. :)

  4. Lovely look Carina!!!!

  5. Gorgeous layered look. You always manage to do it so effortlessly and look so amazing. Your necklace is so cute! It's really unique and eye catching.

  6. I love the red and blue cardigan and the little brooch! :) Would love to virtually borrow them as they would go so well with the dress in my latest post! :D

  7. first, let's talk about those patterns and how i love the way you mixed them.

    second, let's talk about how much i love that skirt :)

    <3 kate nash.

  8. der schal ist wirklich schoen! Ich hoffe dir gehts bald besser.

  9. Oh my gosh! I do hope you get to feeling better doll- so sorry you aren't feeling well! I couldn't help but crack up when you said you felt like an onion hehe! You're adorable and I love this outfit (like always!)

  10. Hope you`re feeling much better by now luv! This horrid flu that`s going around..argh I could kick its slimey arse! >.< Already 3 weeks of it for me. >.<//
    Anyhoops, I looooove your scarf! It looks so cozy and warm. I`d wear it 24/7! ^^d Love the stripey cardie too. b^^d Take care hun and have a great week! MMxoxo

  11. YES! making a video of yourself feels so awkward! I was standing in the middle of the woods making mine and I just couldn't talk. I couldn't! I was SO awkward and shy. What if someone would hear me? ha, my neigbours would have thought I was a total nutcase, haha. Okay, about this post then. I LOVE the scarf, so great you won the giveaway! I believed I entered it too, hehe. I also wish I had your boots right now. It is terribly cold here in Belgium and with all the snow I could sure use some cosy footwear! xo Nikki

  12. I love your style! Great photos!

    Follow my blog and enter in my monthly giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo Lala


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