Tuesday, 21 February 2012

a city trip in thought with cinnamon eve

Hi guys!

As I've mentioned yesterday, I'll be away city tripping to Budapest this week. While I'm away, my blogger friends will help me out with some cool guest posts, yaayy :)

The first one in line is Cinnamon Eve, I asked her where she would go and what she would wear if she could choose a city trip to anywhere in the world.
This is her pick, hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

"I got massively excited when I got a e-mail from Carina asking me to guest post on her blog. I got double excited when I realised she wanted me to put an outfit together inspired by a city: New York immediately popped in my head.
If I could choose to go anywhere in the world, it would be there. I'd definitely make sure I'd visit Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all the city has to offer: I'd pay a visit to the Barosaurus at the Natural History Musuem, go for a stroll at Central Park, go all the way up to the Empire State Building and drink up all the view, cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and lose myself in Williamsburgh...
And this is what I'd be wearing!"

♥ Striped t-shirt - H&M Kids ♥ High waist denim shorts - Primark ♥ Boots - Primark ♥ Leather jacket - United Colors of Benetton ♥ Messenger bag - H&M ♥ Hairbow - DIY ♥ Necklace - a gift from my boyfriend's mum ♥

"Obviously not for winter, but for a Spring-ish week in town. I chose compfortable boots because getting to know the city would definitely mean a lot of walking (this includes getting to know all the shops, so flats were definitely a must). I also included a leather jacket, would keep me warm in the shade, but if the weather was nice enough I could just take it off and enjoy the warmth.
The rest of the outfit is very much sailor inspired, when I think Times Square I think War's End Kiss, and that leads to sailors. Also, the nautical look is great if you're going for a casual chic look, and casual chic is the perfect look if you're a tourist with a fashion sense.
Also, I added a hair bow for extra cuteness, inpired by the oh so cool Alexa Chung, who pops into my head every time I think Williamsburgh."

Cinnamon Eve

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  1. Manhattan is my favorite place in the world. Your outfit is perfect for a day in the City. You will definitely need comfy shoes because trying to fit everything in during a visit will have you running all over the City.

  2. nice post! love the outfit. ^^d


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