Thursday 15 September 2011

wedding bells

♥ dress + blazer: h&m ♥ belt: stradivarius ♥ shoes: deichmann ♥

Hi guys!

Before you start to congratulate: this was not my wedding! Patrick and I still prefer to wait ;)
But last week one of my girls had her big day, Nina got married. It was about time, she and her boyfriend have had a long distance relationship - a very very long distance to be precise because Wissem used to live in Marocco.
She's a travel agent, so you probably get how they met, don't you? Anyway, they had to wait for so long, delay the wedding date because of missing documents, send important papers around the world and overcome lots of difficulties... and then it finally worked out!
The wedding day was great, everybody was so happy for them and the two were beaming with joy all of the time :)
Farah and me even managed to be at the registry office just in time, two minutes before the ceremony began, phew...

It was so touching when Nina's mother held a little speach about how their relationship had developed and it was such a wonderful moment when both said YES to each other, awww :)
Afterwards outside it rained rose petals and rice for them and the bride's father handed out glasses of bubbly and orange juice for the drivers. The weather was a bit shitty but no one let it rain on their parade.
However it was a bit sad that Wissem's family was not there. He's originally from Tunisia and unfortunately for Tunisians it's not so easy to get any kind of visa for Germany. The good thing is that they are going to repeat the wedding party in Tunisia next year so the groom's family can take part in the celebrations too.
Well, back to the wedding: after lots of congratulating and all the whole party went to the ballroom location as one big honking motorcade.

Hhmmm the wedding cake, it looked beautiful and was really delicious. Of course the bridal couple cut the cake together and handed out the slices to everyone.
It was so snugly to sit in this lovely ballroom with coffee and cake while outside the weather got worse. But oh what a bummer, the weather! Rain, wind, everything you can't use for your wedding day! Fortunately after a while it cleared up and stopped raining, so the bridal couple snapped at the chance to go to the near Benrather Castle to take photos in the palace garden. Farah, Regina and me took advantage of their absence to prepare a little surprise :)

First of all we had ordered some single-use cameras that were put on the tables so every guest had the chance to take pictures. And then we also had collected 52 colourful postcards that we hung up on a rope.
Later on we explained the guests that everyone could take one or more postcards and that there were calendar weeks written on them, so if everybody would send the postcard to Nina and Wissem in the particular stated week they would receive a postcard every week for one year until their first anniversary.
The postcards all found a sender, so now we hope the people won't forget to send them in the right week. Keeping my fingers crossed...

I had also prepared a speech bubble made of cardboard and chalkboard paint where everyone could write or draw something to congratulate the bride and groom in the photos. I'm glad I managed to craft this the night before the wedding because it turned out as a nice party gag that was used for other mischief purposes later on as well.

In the course of the evening even more friends arrived and we all really had a blast - especially Nina and Wissem of course. Yummy food, happy bride and groom and guests, music, dancing, fun and fooling, this day was the full package. It was wonderful and I couldn't have imagined a better wedding celebration for the two of them.
As you can see I took tons of photos (and you're only seeing a tiny bit of them), so for the end of this post here is the rest of what I picked out:

Bummer! The bar didn't serve spirits, so the wedding presents had to be unwrapped and we toasted to the wedding with sambuca.

"Make a funny face!"

me handing over our present

we had thrown together to buy them musical tickets for The Lion King in Hamburg and they obviously liked our idea :)

a kiss for the bride

And of course no girls event without a victory posing photo for our friend Jasmin in Beijing! She's Nina's best friend but couldn't be with us because of her stay abroad in China, so the least we could do was think of her and make a special photo only for our wannabe Chinese ;)
Jasmin we miss you!
And Nina and Wissem if you happen to read this: congratulations again! I wish you all the best for your life as a married couple!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. This dress is soooo amazing, I love the pattern and print of it! And congrats to your friend, that sounds like a great wedding. :D

  2. I almost bought this dress for my best friend's wedding. :) But I was a bridesmaid and she said I should keep it simply green - no patterns. I still think about this dress though! :)

    Looks like a great night! :)

  3. Schöne biulder, sieht nach einem tollen Tag aus ;)

    Also ich komme nicht direkt aus Köln... so eher nebenan ;D Aber ich bin schon öfters da. Fänds auch mal schön, ein kleines Bloggertreffen zu machen, vielleicht sehen wir uns ja mal wirklich :)

  4. Wie schön, ich war leider schon lange auf keiner Hochzeit mehr :/
    Übrigens unsere Hotpicks Aktion startet gerade erneut und wir würden gerne von dir wissen was deine liebsten Modeteile sind. Zu gewinnen gibt es auch dieses Mal wieder eine tolle Canon Spiegelreflex. Wir würden uns total freuen, wenn du dabei bist mehr Information findest du auf unserem Blog hier

  5. Die Postkarten-Idee ist SO gut!! Werd ich mir auf jeden Fall merken. Danke! Und das Kleid steht dir super übrigens! Sher schöne silhouette!

  6. awww it looks like you guys had an amazing time and congrats to Nina! It's always so great to hear that people work things out and have a happy ending no matter what the cost.

  7. Congrats to the newly weds!:D That's such a cute story of how they met. All's well ends well :) I love your dress, lady! Love the 50s-inspired cut, the fun print, and the overall styling with the belt and blazer :D

  8. dassheint ja ein wundervoller tag gewesen zu sein. für die beiden uns für dich ^^

  9. Lecker *.*


  10. Aw, weddings are such fun! I hope I get to throw my own one day.


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