Sunday 18 September 2011

where I'll end up

Hi guys!

The other day I was unpacking my Budapest suitcase and sorting out laundry and still fresh clothing. It was surprising how many shirts and dresses I brought back home unworn, it was such a waste of space in the suitcase that I could have used for something else. I'm a loser when it comes to packing in advance, especially if I know I'll have to live out of the suitcase for more than two or three days because I dress after my mood and need the possibility to choose spontaneously. Actually that's a pretty spoiled attitude towards clothing right? We all know this "whole wardrobe full of nothing to wear" and every time I'm such a dressing crisis I afterwards realize how stupid it actually is. As if there were no other problems in my life or let's say even more important problems in the world.
And still these situations occur regularly. What do to against it? Does anybody have an idea? I sort out my wardrobe, sell, buy and re-sell monthly and it works quite well, but it doesn't keep me from acting so spoiled once in a while...

♥ dress + necklace: h&m ♥ cardi: c&a ♥ jacket: new yorker ♥ belt: primark ♥ scarf: accessorize ♥ shoes: goertz ♥

Anyway, this outfit is the result of throwing together the unworn pieces from the suitcase. I love this look, I think it's typically me. It includes tights, a dress, florals, polkadots, brown accessories, et voilà the perfect everyday outfit. Not to forget tights are much more comfortable than pants :)
Also I can't get enough of darkblue and brown, it's my favourite colour combo this year and it might make it into 2012 as well.
I love that floral summer dresses can be worn for fall so easily if you add some essential things like tights or a scarf. Can't wait for the real fall to begin soon!
How about you? I red on so many blogs that fall is the favourite season, does that apply to you too?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. You looks so nice honey! I like you dress, jumper, shoes - great combination. :)

  2. ooh das kleid is ja wahnsinnig toll
    is das ein aktuelles?

  3. this outfit suit u perfectly indeed!

  4. I totally suffer from that wardrobe is full and yet I have nothing to wear syndrome...

    That being said, I am so dreading picking an outfit for work tomorrow! :(

    Anyhoo, you are looking super cute in your mixed pattern outfit, I love your sweet girly style.

    The Cat Hag

  5. I do that all the time, pack a bunch of stuff and only wear a few pieces!! I love this floral dress with that colour cardigan and polka dot scarf, such a great

  6. Hello you !

    Thanks for the sweet comment, you made my day.

    Love the print of your dress

    See U !

  7. I love this outfit, I'd wear the same too. :)

    I don't think that the idea of dressing on a whim makes you spoilt - I cannot for the life of me plan my outfits and never understood how other women can do it! Even if I have an idea I get sidetracked and wear something else. :) I always pack a lot of random stuff when I'm travelling - and bring back a lot unworn. But I like the freedom of choice!

  8. Lovely dress ! Your style is fantastic !

  9. ohh, clothes are not so interesting as your beautiful face!

  10. I love the colour of your cardigan!! And all the colours together - navy and olive green are such a good combo. One of my favourites. I try to not impulse buy clothing... which results in me not owning a lot of clothes I don't wear... when I impulse things I haven't been planning on adding to my wardrobe I usually end up not wearing them as much. Does that make sense/seem neurotic?!

  11. Carina!! You look soooo gorgeous and i love your layering!

    I am also horrible at packing, since I'm not very great at remixing outfits. I usually take half my closet and 4 or 5 pairs of shoes with me, I know, ridiculous! and I know exactly what you mean about the "whole wardrobe full of nothing to wear". I was like this for a very long time a few months ago. And it is stupid!

    I think if you go back in the archives of laughing with broken eyes and the clothes horse's blog they have tips on packing that are super helpful. I'll try my best to find the link for them and get them to you!


  12. Oooh, this outfit is so cute and perfect for autumn! I love the pattern mixing and layering! xo

  13. You are such a cutie. Love your style and your blog!!


  14. This is a fabulous outfit. Love the different textures and patterns you incorporated into this layered look. I've been hunting for a jacket like yours forever. Everyone seems to have one this fall and it's making me so jealous! I have the same trouble when I pack so I try to plan my outfits out in advance using staple pieces that will be easy to remix if I want to switch things up.

  15. Na toll und ich dachte ausmisten und verkaufen wäre die lösung des problems ^^ also kein licht in sicht. Aber ich werds trotzdem auch mal versuchen.

    Und hey danke!! ;) Bald bist du ja auch soweit wenn ich mich nicht täusche. 5. semester oder?

  16. you look adorable! im also terrible at packing haha, i never wear half of what i pack!! xx

  17. I have a polkadot scarf and I never thought to mix it with a flower print!

    xx Cristina

  18. Fall is for sure my favorite. this outfit is great too.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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