Sunday 18 September 2011

stomping ground

Hi guys!

I came across these photos while I was organizing my photo folders and realized that I have not posted them yet, so here they are.
A few weeks ago I went to my home village to visit friends and attend the ridiculously small village fair. You know, there is really nothing going on in this place, never has been and never will. So a bouncing castle for the kids, a stereo, homemade cakes and coffee are the highest of highs in this place, but still I love it. I love the "hick town -ishness", I love that I know every single house, tree and fence, I love the endless fields around and I love all the memories I have of this sleepy boring hamlet.
I was invited to dinner at a friend's house later this day, but after I had left I stopped by the dirt road behind the end of the village to take some photos. Excuse the poor quality, I used the self-timer and it was crazy wind there in the fields, hence the nice hair.....

♥ coat, dress worn as top + skirt: h&m ♥ shoes: goertz ♥

I used to hate living there when I was younger, you know, this urge to leave home and explore th world and all. But now I think it would be nice if my mum still lived there, so I could visit her over the weekend from time to time. I would love to stroll through the area and take photos in the midst of this beautiful landscape.
It's so much harder to find outdoor places for taking photos in the city! Especially if you're the strange girl that tries to use the self-timer in public and especially when you don't have a tripod and look for a window sill or whatever to place your camera on.
I really need to buy a tripod very very soon...

Alright, enough melancholy for now. I just didn't want these photos to disappear in the bottomless pit of my unorganized photo folders ;)

And now for something completely different for my German readers:

Ebay hat noch bis Montagmorgen eine Keds Sonderaktion laufen, es gibt dicke Reduzierungen auf viele schöne Modelle! Klickt einfach das Bild:

Also ich finds super, liebäugle mit dem bordeauxroten Kordmodell...

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Hey Carina :D
    Such a nice set of photographs~
    Thank you for dropping my blog occasionally and too your supports!! I hope things go well with you too~
    From the first time I saw your outfits till now, that's truly Carina's style, you carry it well and it belongs to you, keep it up cheerio ;) xx



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