Sunday, 4 September 2011

the city is my playground

Hi guys!

Wow, it's so cool to be able to stay in Budapest over the weekend this time! I had such a wonderful day roaming around and visiting lots of pretty spots in the downtown area. It's superhot since yesterday so my outfit was simple and comfy, I threw on my swallow print dress, plain black flats, grabbed my spacious tote bag to carry along my camera and knick-knack and then I was ready to go.
I have some photos for you from the different places I went to, I hope you still enjoy my pics from here ;)

First I wandered along Váci ut until the end where there's the Central Market Hall.

At the market hall I did some souvenirs-shopping and looked at all the typical Hungarian items.

Afterwards back outside I sat down...

...and munched a delicious apple-cherry strudel (strudels are a typical Hungrian snack and can be filled with anything, sweet or hearty).

Right next to the Central Market Hall there is the Liberty Bridge going across the Danube and it ends right at the foot of Gellért Hill.

The Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) is one of Budapest's nine bridges and was built in a chainbridge style for Emperor Franz Joseph in the 1890s.

A very nice elder man saw that I was using the selftimer and offered to take some pictures of me. First I was afraid that he might steal my camera, especially when he insisted on helping me...

...but then it turned out he was a hobby photographer and was curious about my Canon. He said "Smile! Smile! Smile! You have to smile!" and I had to laugh out loud because the other people there gave him the strangest looks.

Then I took a tons of pictures of the view up the Danube where you can see the Elizabeth Bridge, Buda Castle and Gellért Hill with its Statue of Liberty.

This is the Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) named after Queen Elizabeth of Hungary aka Sissi.
I walked along the riverside towards it to get to the city center again because my feet started to hurt.

So to relax my hurting feet I went to the Coffee Heaven at Ferenciek tere, sat down in a slugly corner by the window in one of these super-comfortable arm chairs and watched the people passing by outside. "Egészségére" (cheers)!! ;)

Coffee shop goodness: caffè latte + a delicious orange-chocolate muffin (and the best thing is that in contrast to Germany you are still allowed to smoke inside of cafès here in Hungary).

Later on I met one of the girls from the office that I rather consider as a friend than as a co-worker since my last stay here because she is so nice and we get along so well. We went shoe-shopping and she showed me some nice shops, but she was a little cranky due to an issue with a boy, so I didn't take photos then.

Saturday is almost over now, I had a falafel and dessert at my hotel room and will try to go to bed before 1 am so that tomorrow I can spend as much time as possible on more walks through the city.
Have a fab day!

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  1. sounds like u had a great adventure!!! i wanna eat strudel so badly!

  2. Glad to hear that the trip is going well, it's pretty awesome that you get a lot of time to explore and actually enjoy the city!

  3. Wow how beautiful can Budapest get!? You look absolutely stunning and I love that you walked us through your day!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  4. Sehr tolle Bilder, und dein Kleid erst! Super schön :)

  5. lovely pictures!!!
    the strudel looks soooo delicious!

  6. The Keren Ann song is awesome so is your photos

    this is a cute dress , simple and perfect for a day out to search for adventure

    i love the mary jane shoes too

  7. Oh golly that strudel looks amazing, I've never seen anything like it.

  8. Budapest looks like such a lovely city, and this sounds like a perfect day :) And strudel? Yes please!

  9. I have never been in Budapest, but judging your pictures, that city is very beautiful and maybe I will go there when I have some vacation time and free from pharmacy reviews work, it would be superb!


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