Saturday, 3 September 2011

cinder and smoke

Hi guys!

My goodness, five days in Budapest are already over, time really flies. And I'm so happy that it's weekend now, I definitely need a break from being at the office and teaching the other students the database stuff. It's so tiring to repeat myself over and over again, one time in German and one time in English because we have some German-speaking and some English-speaking Hungarian co-workers.
Anyway, now it's Friday night in Budapest and instead of going out I'm relaxing at the hotel room in my comfy pants, eating cookies, drinking coke and skyping with Patrick. I'm a lame tourist, I know ;)

♥ shirt: element ♥ cardi + belt: primark ♥ skirt: h&m ♥ shoes: goertz ♥

I didn't feel well this mornig, somehow I was in a cranky mood so I just threw on my favourite skirt, a fresh t-shirt and the cardi I had already worn on Tuesday. As I only have three pairs of shoes with me I chose the versatile brown ones to match the belt.
But to be honest after work I replaced the skirt by my comfy baggy pants to go grab a burrito and take a little walk.
Tomorrow I plan to go shoe-shopping for Nina's wedding next week. Wish me luck....

I don't have more sightseeing photos today, only a little collection of some random snapshots:

H&M dressing room...

Huszár mugs, so cute!

I bought this mug with the "Puli" on it :D

Haha awesome, these are "useful sentences for students", for example: "Oh no, summer's nearly over!". Uhm yes, very useful indeed...

That's the lovely pattern of a scarf I bought.

Alright, I'll curl up in bed now and sleep like a baby, at the risk of repeating myself: I'm sooo tired.
Have a lovely Friday night!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your t-shirt!

  2. This is my favourite skirt of yours, I can see why you love it so. Great with the simple tshirt and cardigan. That scarf yuo bought has suuuuch a great pattern!

  3. Hach....der Rock..!<3
    Tolles Outfit, steht dir so super.

    Und der Schal ist toll, hab' ja einen ähnlichen.

  4. love your outfit! its official, i want your wardrobe.

  5. Ich habe immer gerne zu verschenken Raten, mit interessanten Designs, denn wenn man arbeitet und die Geschwindigkeit kann man unterhalten, gleichzeitig mit der Gemeinde pharmacy reviews, immer gern die Tassen, die Gabe.


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