Saturday 27 December 2014

what to wear for new year's eve

Hello loves!

I'm still going through my Christmas pics to put together an outfit post for you. As long as this is not ready to be uploaded, instead let's talk New Year's Eve! That's right, I'm adressing the topic that's unpopular every year. We all have closed the Christmas chapter now or will at least do so in the course of the next days - but what about New Year's Eve?
I always tend to forget about it in all the Christmas hassle. You plan where you spend your Christmas holidays, pick outfits based on these plans and think you've got your life together - and then suddenly Christmas is over already and leaves you with only a couple of days to catch up on the NYE plans.
This year however it's different because I'm a clever girl and have already thought about the new year celebrations for you!
I found a lovely Canadian online shop called PickeDresses which offers a wide range of beautiful Montreal Prom Dresses. Okay I'm not planning to visit a prom ball but these dresses are so pretty and elegant that you can simply wear them for a glamourous New Year's Eve celebration too.

I have picked the two dresses above to give you some style inspiration for your festive New Year's Eve celebrations.
If you ask me, you can never go wrong with sparkling cocktail dresses! The red one is an eye-catcher because of the colour and the adorable bow, the black/silver one is a bit more subtle but stil glamourous enough with the sequined bustier top. Both of them are statement dresses that basically don't need any further ado, just a nice pair of shoes and a clutch bag.

I would combine the red party princess dress with some elegant simple golden accessories like the heels and clutch above. The red sparkly earrings are a nice touch for some extra glamour.
The black/silver dress is a bit cooler and less girly, so I would go for a rocker kind of style here with black ankle boots and a black leather clutch, even a biker leather jacket if it's cold outside. For an extra portion of glam rock I would add a silver glitter headband on messy out-of-bed hair.

Another tip for NYE: carry heel cushioning pads and compact powder in your clutch. The pads to prevent aching feet in high heels and the compact powder to keep your face and hairline matte - and to conceal potential makeup faux-pas like runny mascara or bleeding lipstick.

Have fun preparing for NYE ladies! Happy Saturday!
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  1. So amazing. I especially love the red dress and the golden shoes.

  2. Hübsch sehen die aus! Auch wenn ich mich für Silvester noch nie besonders aufgerüscht habe...


  3. Well..... I'll be wearing PJ's this NYE!!! hahaha sad I know but the boyfriend and I have decided to get some delicious and fancy champagne, takeout sushi and play games at home just the two of us... safe and merry!!

    Hope you enjoy your celebrations! Sure you'll look gorgeous whatever you choose to wear xxx

    All my love,

  4. The red dress is my fave, but I'm a sucker for classic black and silver on New Years

  5. these dresses are so cute. I love all of them


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