Monday 22 December 2014

tomato lake

Hello loves!

How is everyone doing now that it's almost Christmas?
I'm more relaxed than ever this year. As I'm spending my very first Christmas abroad I didn't have to buy or do much for my family back at home. I ordered presents online and will have them delivered to everyone in Germany by mail.
Here in Australia I only had to buy two presents for two people. They will be wrapped tomorrow and that's it. Easiest and most stress-free Christmas, me likey!

jacket:fleamarket (h+m)
dress: fleamarket (h+m)
belt: thrifted
bracelet: accessorize
shoes: vans


This outfit is what  wore to visit Tomato Lake the other day (scroll down for more info and pics). It is the cheapest outfit ever! I bought both, jacket and dress, for 4 Euros each earlier this year at one of my former neighbourhood's awesome fleamarkets. The belt came as a freebie with another thrifted dress and the shoes are bought second hand via a clothes swapping website for 18 Euros. So you can basically say this whole look costs less than 30 bucks! How cool is that?!

Some days ago Jarryd took me to a lovely place nearby called Tomato Lake. It's a park/reserve area with said lake in its center. I asked where the funny name comes from, he said he doesn't know for sure but believes it simply has the shape of a tomato.
All around the lake is a footpath to take a walk and enjoy nature. They have lots of different plants there and a huge amount of birds to watch too. I saw ducks and other small water birds, but what impressed me was that you can see wild Pelicans swimming on the lake. As a not well-travelled German I had never seen Pelicans in the wild before. It's really cool that Australia basically feels like one huge wildlife zoo to me.

Have a lovely day and do some nice christmassy things before the magic is gone! :)

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  1. Amazing look, girl. Love the dress. Beautiful pictures, thx for sharing.

  2. Tomato lake sounds fun and amazing, what a nice get a way and enjoy nature. Cute dress, and I like the way you styled it too. Rachel xo

  3. You've done much better with Christmas shopping than I have - I'm a procrastinator.
    Your H+M dress looks beautiful. I love the looks of the print, the fabric, and the dress's swinginess.
    Your photos at Tomato Lake are great - that's an excellent pic of the pelican and great close-ups of the ducks.

  4. Aussie totally is like a big zoo to me too as there are so many animals just hanging about, I love it! Christmas this year has been a bit of a stress with lots of work and about a million people to buy gifts for but I have finished early and now I am finished work and enjoying a bit of relaxation time :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Your pictures of Australia are gorgeous! I'm in love with your outfit, especially that dress, and I'm really impressed at how affordable it is. Also, I'm glad that Christmas time isn't stressful for you this year. I can't necessarily say the same for me. Haha!


    Sweet Helen Grace


  6. Love this outfit and the fact that you get to spend xmas abroad! It is so great to see how other places celebrate this time of year in the world. I hope you have a stunning time - your outfit is gorgeous xxx

    Please oh please check out my first ever published article (7 unique ways to wrap up your Christmas gifts!) it would mean the world to me... I have to get 10'000 views to get a bonus! Eeeeek xxxx

    Thank you!! xxxx

  7. Sounds like the perfect and easiest holiday for you. Enjoy your Christmas and the nice weather in Austalia.
    Frohe Weihnachten!
    Lg, Madison :)

  8. Dein Outfit ist richtig schön - das Kleidchen steht dir ganz ausgezeichnet! :-)

    Ich glaube, mich würde die Natur in einem Land wie Australien völlig umhauen. Ich bin sowieso so ein kleiner Pflanzen- und Tierliebhaber und würde aus dem Staunen wahrscheinlich ganz nicht mehr rauskommen. Also diesbezüglich hast du mit deinem Aussie Move definitiv das große Los gezogen. Ich meine: PELIKANE! Wie geil ist das denn?! :D

    GLG & schöne Feiertage mit deiner neuen Family =)

  9. That lake looks lovely! I love idea of a stress free Christmas, my year in France was properly my least stressful! The only Christmas I've had off properly, ha. I'm working until 7pm Christmas eve!

    Corinne x

  10. Love that little bracelet! Hope you enjoy your first Christmas in Australia :)

    xo Carbar

  11. Loooooove the dress! Merry Christmas!

  12. it's so beautiful there!!!
    you look darling in this ensemble!! love the pop of red from the belt!

    happy holidays!
    Animated Confessions

  13. You look so cute here!

  14. I love your outfit - that dress is so pretty and it looks fantastic with your jacket! Denim jackets are a real weakness of mine. I love that it was so cheap, bargain outfits are the best :) It looks like you're having an amazing time in Australia. The lake is so pretty, and the ducks are so cute! xx

  15. This looks like a lovely place to spend some time! Very cute outfit, its pretty great when you look great and have spent pretty much no money :) It's always fun when you see animals in the wild, that you normally only see in a zoo at home. When I travel to countries that have squirrels I always get super excited as we don't have them in NZ (in the wild or in zoos!)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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