Saturday 6 December 2014

my interview outfit

Hello everyone!

How have you been?
I have some really awesome news to share with you today: I finally found a new job! Woohoo! My first real job as a graduate and also my first job abroad. And it's a good one too! I'll be a receptionist and office admin for a recruitung agency starting from next month. I really couldn't be happier, the office and the people are lovely. I signed my contract yesterday and can't wait for January now.
I was already panicking about my small budget but now I know I won't run out of money and will be able to stay in Australia for a while.

blouse: primark
necklace: kmart
belt: l.a. golden
skirt: h+m
shoes: h+m
bracelet: six

The outfit in the pictures has been my interview outfit for all kinds of job interviews so far, be it retail, hospitality or office position.
I have never been the classic business look girl, it's just not for me. Business pants are simply not possible on me because  my legs are two different sizes and office pants fabric turns out to be really unflattering for this problem (who knew?!)...
Furthermore I have this lip piercing which seems to be screaming "She is a criminal! She will rob you and kill your family!" into people's faces all of the time. Always makes me feel like I come across as a punk (business punk maybe?), which is not bad. Simply can't pull off a classic business outfit, just saying.
So I decided to be myself and make my outfit show it: classic black and white is always chic, some quirky jewelry and red nails make it "more me" and the brown leather belt adds a bit of my love for vintage to it. Add a pair of black flats that show I really am no high heels  girl et voilà, that's my business style.
I will always try hard to find an employer who respects my appearance and is interested in my skills rather than take out my piercing and change my style for somebody who doesn't care about my skills and just looks at my outside.

By the way: Do you see a Cannabis leaf in the necklace? I know it's not the exact shape and try to ignore it but I'm always afraid others will interpret it as a symbol of smoking weed. I'm not Miley Cyrus, people! I swear!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. A cute outfit I love ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Yay congrats!! That is so exciting, and still a bit of time to settle in before you start. Love the outfit too, I'm the same in that I hate office trousers, I always wear dresses! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. Nochmal alles gute zum neuen Job! Cool, dass sich deine Ausdauer und Geduld ausbezahlt haben und dass du jetzt erstmal in Aussie-Land bleiben kannst! :)

    Dein Outfit ist super chic und ich finde es auch überhaupt nicht schlimm, wenn man NICHT im typischen Hosenanzug zum Vorstellungsgespräch geht. Da sehen doch alle irgendwie gleich aus - ich finde es viel besser und vor allem auch zeitgemäßer, seine Persönlichkeit zu zeigen, eben auch durch seinen Kleidungsstil. :)

    GLG, Sabrina

  4. yay congrats, and you look nice. Rachel xo

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  6. Cute, and congrats on the new job! I hope you enjoy it and everything goes well there for you!

  7. Du Hübsche! :)
    Ich bin ganz vernarrt in dieses Outfit, der Rock ist super!

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. You look lovely! It's decent and professional but still fun and trendy as well.

  9. Wunderschön gelöst! Klassisch und schick aber nicht zu spießig. Finde ich echt toll!!
    Wie aufregend mit dem Job, da kannst du ja jetzt noch zwei Monate frei genießen!


  10. Perfekt! Ich liebe deinen Look ,und der Gürtel paßt sooooo wunderschön zu deiner Haarfarbe ,du siehst super hübsch aus :)
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem neuen Job <3

    Liebe Grüße! (freue mich so sehr mit dir mit)

  11. I've just been through the interview process too and it's so difficult knowing what people find acceptable or not! I got a job with a fashion brand and took it upon myself to just wear something more fashionable than formal. I was so worried they would think I was unprofessional but it worked out OK! My best friend has the same situation as you but with tattoos, in fact she was once told that she 'didn't fit the aesthetic of the office'. So ridiculous!!
    Cx / Bloglovin

  12. Congratulations on the job! The outfit looks lovely, perfect for an interview. You're going to have a great 2015!

    Corinne x

  13. Awesome news!!

    PS Haha, you are too cute. I really doubt anyone would think you're going to hurt them just by looking at your piercing :P

    xo Carbar

  14. Thanks for your comment! Yes- it is so cool to know where your fashion came from and to know that it was ethically sourced!I love this beautiful collar you paired with that top. :)

    I have a new post up with gorgeous new fair trade pieces I just got from Shop Indigenous! You are right- it's so exciting to know where everything is from. I hope you can stop by my blog again and let me know what you think! I look forward to your visit.


  15. aren't you cute! Looooove that necklace. So pretty!

  16. This is a stunning interview outfit! You look very professional and congratulations on landing a job!! That is great news and I'm sure you must be so stoked to be getting more time in Aus!!

    Good luck and work hard lovely lady xx

  17. Glueckwunsch!!!! WIe spannend! Ich hoffe du fuehlst dich wohl im neuen Job und lernst tolle neue Leute kennen :)

  18. congratulations on the job! your outfit is lovely:-) i especially like your jewellery and wouldn't have made any kind of a cannabis connection if you hadn't mentioned it, haha! x

  19. so classy and ladylike!!! :D
    congrats on the new job!

    Animated Confessions

  20. Congrats on the new job! This is the perfect interview outfit. I love that it's professional, but still has a personal touch :)

  21. Congrats on the job!
    I'm exactly the same when I apply for a job and go to the interview, I dress just as myself, with winged eye-liner (my then lip piercing) and I wear something that represents me. I'm a firm believer people should be hire on skills and not looks.

  22. Such a great winter look, dear ^_^



  23. You look the business & very pretty too, congrats!

  24. Congratulations on the job, you have done so well so quickly.
    I love the outfit, the necklace is divine!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  25. Ich freu mich so, das du so schnell einen tollen Job gefunden hast. Ich finde deinen Look perfect. Sehr chic und es steht dir auch super. Ich hätte das Hanfblatt nicht erkannt. Ich rauche rein gar nichts haha. Sorry das mich mich erst jetzt melde. Ich war krank und fühle mich immer noch nicht so toll. Hab einen schönen Sonntag :D

  26. You look great dear,congrats on your job.Wish you all the best as you start next month

  27. Congratulations! I love your pretty jewelry with this look, too!

  28. Congrats on your new job! must be exciting! all the best in it too may it be the one you`ll really like! love your look too, I really can wear outfit like this on a normal day:) not only in office:) xx

  29. I love your outfit - it looks very polished and professional but fun too! I've worked in office environments for over 10 years and I think I've only ever owned one suit (and worn it about 3 times!). Your clothes need to show who you are to the world - even if you work in a professional environment. I don't thin professional needs to be boring! Also a bit congrats t to you on your first job after graduation - its a wonderful feeling xox


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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