Thursday 22 May 2014

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I had these photos sitting on my virtual shelf for a bit now and thought it was finally time to post them. The weather is getting warmer and more summery over here, so I should publish the transition outfits and make way for summer looks, right?
Well, I took these photos two weeks ago at my Dad's place when it was still a bit cloudy and not so warm, hence the cozy jumper layered with the plaid shirt. I was never a jumper person, I always prefered cardigans because I'm sensitive when it comes to warmer temperatures and always need the option to open the buttons or whatever there is to let some air in.
However stocked up on jumpers and have a little collection now. I'm still in the process of finding out how to style them best, but I'm definitely getting there.

As you can see in the background of these pictures my Dad has a lovely big garden. Like I said the weather wasn't really nice, but I will visit Dad again and take some photos there again in the summertime so you can see all the colourful flowers.

My Dad's dog kept me company while I was doing this photo shoot. Her name is Waleska, she's the most adorable little Jack Russell, no? She's 4 years old but still as tiny and adorable as a puppy. Below you can see how she photobombed my picture when she came running towards me, jumping, being all like "Give me attentiooooon!".

Waleska's favourite place is her cozy sheepskinrug next to the fireplace where she likes to curl up and sleep and if she's really lucky she gets a good belly rub from one of her humans too.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Bonjour, ma jolie.
    I really like your clothes and still your hair (okay, I'm fond of your hair since... always). You are so pretty, just wonderful.
    Kisses, see you soon ♥

  2. So sweet! That's an amazing jumper too

  3. yup. i love that whole outfit.

  4. Man that outfit is making and ACHE for cooler weather!!

  5. Ach, so ein süßes Hundi! Da macht Posen doch gleich viel mehr Spaß, oder?
    Das Shirt finde ich übrigens ganz toll!

    Liebste Grüße,


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