Tuesday, 27 May 2014

birthday weekend

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Hello people!

It was my birthday on Friday (28, old gal...) and my mum's birthday on Sunday so we had double birthday fun in the last days. It was basically all about good food and good times - exactly how I like it! On Friday my Dad invited me for dinner at a brewery (mmhhh Schnitzel), on Saturday I enjoyed homemade lime and mint ice tea at a Moroccan café and a long walk through the city with friends and yesterday we celebrated my mum's birthday at my favourite tapas bar.
Oh boy was I full and happy!
Furthermore my boyfriend is the best boyfriend in the world! He gave me a Star Wars cook book for my birthday! SO friggin cool! I'm a nerd, I love Star Wars and baking so this really was the perfect gift! He also gave me a book about zombies and Gingerdead Men cookie cutters - hell yes, told you he's the best! He was so cute, he ordered everything from Australia and had it shipped to my place so I got parcels from Germany, UK and I'm still waiting for one from Asia too.

This outfit was perfect for the mild springy weather yesterday, especially because of my new denim jacket which is not really new as lucky me was able to thrift it for 5 bucks. I love a good 2nd hand bargain and a denim jacket is a wardrobe staple so I really had to buy it. The shirt is a favourite that I don't wear enough and every time I do I always think "Hey I should wear it more often." and then I end up not doing so because I have to be in the right mood for horizontal stripes (unflattering!). To complete the look I threw in a little print mix by adding the chevron bag. I actually bought it to wear it to my Mum's wedding this week but couldn't resist wearing it out before because it's soooo cute!

Mmhh yummy tapas! Dates, chorizo, chicken and veggie skewers, olives, garlic dip - Spanish snack are the perfect spring/summer food. I got so hooked up on tapas again that I plan to google recipes and try to make some treats myself.
If you guys have recommendations in this regard please post them in the comments.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. 3 day belated and 1 day belated Happy birthdays to you and to your mum!!! 28 seems very young to me (I think your mum is young enough to be my daughter). The gifts from your boyfriend sound like lots of fun and very thoughtful. May The Force be with all of you. I like your H&M skirt and the outfit you styled it in. The photo of you and your mum together is great! Happy birthday to you both again, and I hope your birthday wishes come true.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had an awesome time :) Dinner looks really fun - I love tapas! Your outfit is beautiful, I love your cute little jacket and patterned bag :) xx

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaah ich wünsch dir alles alles Liebe nachträglich zum Geburtstag! Klingt als konntest du den Tag voll und ganz genießen! Toller Bilder und vor allem ein super schönes Outfit mal wieder!

  4. Ooh my favourite tapas is honey chorizo. Cut up a Chorizo sausage and heat in a pan, add two tablespoons of honey and the same of balzamic vinegar and cook for a few minutes until it gets all sticky and yummy!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. How awesome that you got to share your birthday with your mom! That is so fantastic! I never knew there was a Star Wars cook book but sounds so cool and the perfect gift from your boyfriend! Great denim jacket and such a steal at only $5!


  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich! Dein Outfit ist wirklich shcön. Sind deine Haare heller geworden? - steht dir gut!

  7. Happy Birthday Friday :) great outfit! I love the flats. Rachel xo

  8. Happy birthday. Youve got a perfect outfit :)

  9. happy late birthday! sounds like you got cool gifts :) pretty look


  10. Alles Gute zum geburtstag, sehr sehr nachtraeglich!

  11. Happy very late birthday! I've never heard of a tapas bar. Now I wish we had one here! Brilliant!


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