Wednesday 7 May 2014


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Hi lovelies!

Here I am again, relaxed and happy after I had the last five days off. It was SO nice! I was able to go out and have fun by night and spend my time in pyjamas at home by day - this is exactly how I like it. It is so good to just waste your time doing unimportant stuff without having a bad conscience about to-do lists.
It was the first chance in months to really relax, so I listened to audio books, ate junk food, didn't count calories, didn't clean up, didn't care about the laundry - nothing! Just some nice and pure relaxation.
Okay, I admit my apartment looked like a mess and I wasn't happy about another kilo I had gained, BUT it was totally worth it. I had been so stressed about everything before. A long-distance relationship is no walk in the park, plus waiting for the bachelor results and trying to find a weekend job asap was so nerve-wrecking. Luckily everything is fine again now.

I am superhappy because I finally got a weekend job now - one thing less to worry about! I already mentioned the trial shift at a coffee shop the other day and how much I liked it there. Well, it'll be my new hangout for the weekends now, yay! I'll learn how to make coffee and yummy smoothies and frozen shakes and other cool stuff. The colleagues are really nice too and the place is located in a central area of the city where lots of different interesting customers walk in everyday. Also there are of two of the city's best Japanese sushi and ramen places just around the corner which might come in handy after work.

As for the outfit it mostly consists of recent buys. I found the lovely dress and cardi two months ago and knew they would look great together. The bag is also brand new, I bought it yesterday because I had been looking for a spacious black bag for ages and I needed to reward myself for scoring the new job. So it had to be this fringed baby which in my opinion looks supercool! My boyfriend said it reminds him of the Predator - tz tz men...

Until next post,


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  1. Lovely black outfit...

  2. Seems like a great time!
    For some reason, I hate spending day time in my pajamas! I just have to change out of them, even if it's into leggings!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. I like your Primark cardigan and LOVE your Primark lace dress! It's beautiful. The lace, the design, the contrasting cute white lacy collar are all wonderful. What extra kilo? I don't see it. Your hair, lipstick and eye-makeup look pretty too. Even if you actually start feeling like the Predator, be careful with that foot of yours anyway? I think you look gorgeous.

  4. Schön, dass du ein bisschen freie Zeit hattest - das braucht man auch mal!
    Cooles Outfit, ganz in schwarz steht dir auch!


  5. Because Predator carried around a big tassled handbag for all his skulls? Haha.

    Congratulations on the weekend job, that's great news!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. Love all the new buys! This is a great outfit!
    Congrats on the weekend job!

  7. Beautiful, very very very beautiful ♥.

  8. Oh, this outfit is awesome! It's a little witchy, but in such a good way :) 'Cause who wouldn't want magical powers, eh?! I love thr fringe bag too. And I'm glad to hear about the job :) Good for you, girl!

  9. Sounds like your time off was well spent relaxing and enjoying your days! Love to hear that as we all need that once and awhile! So what if your place was a mess! :) Good to hear your coffee house trial went well too!
    Your outfit is so pretty! I am so loving that new bag of yours and your dress is wonderful!


  10. Congrats on your new weekend job! You look gorgeous, kinda boho and witchy which I love. Your flowy cardigan is beautiful, and I love the tassels on your bag! xx

  11. I'm pretty behind on my blog reading! Just wanted to swing by and say hi!

  12. LOVE your fringe bag and your cape!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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