Tuesday 2 July 2013

Mair1 Festival weekend

Hi lovelies!

It's summer (well, at least according to the calendar, the weather here is something else...) - and summer time means festival time! So despite the crappy weather I spent my weekend at the Mair1 Festival with friends. We camped and it was bitterly cold at night and mostly also in the daytime but still it was a great weekend with lots of fun and awesome bands.
My favourites definitely were Boysetsfire, NOFX and Funeral For A Friend - and the hot coffee at the crêpes booth!
Here are some impressions of what happened:

Yes I'm wearing the oxblood hoody in every photo because I lived in it all weekend. On Saturday it was so cold that I actually wore two shirts and another sweater underneath and a parka over it to keep me warm.
It's ridiculous but if I had known better I would have brought my winter jacket - no joke! And it is June! So unbelievable...

Anyway, have you already visited some festivals this summer? Are you planning to do so? Where? And what bands do you want to see?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Cute pics! I'm sure you weren't that cold - your hoodie looks warm :)


  2. Freezing in the night - Yeah, welcome to the festival life! ;)

    Love & Peace


  3. Hey,

    great pictures andit looks like much fun!!! :)




  4. hello darling, great blog! Right now I'm having a giveaway on my blog with some amazing clothes, if you want you can give it a try!!! kisses


  5. Ahhhh I love festivals!! Envious!!!
    Looked like a lot of fun <3



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