Sunday, 14 April 2013

our story began in the heart of a star

Hello folks!

This is me sporting my new Architects band shirt, how do you like it? 
I bought it 2nd hand via Kleiderkreisel for only 8 € and I'm in love with the simple yet interesting typo on the front. I think I'll wear this a lot, so the first thing I did when it arrived was putting together another "typically me" outfit with it.
I've been a sucker for cool casual looks lately, it's what I feel best in. Furthermore these are my roots, this is my youth: skatepunk, metal and emo scene, there is still a lot of it left in my style today. I wish I would have had today's style back then - I would have been one of the coolest girls in town haha.
Oh wow the old times, wasn't that a perfectly carefree time? So many good memories of hanging out at the skate park all day, admiring the boys, riding the bike through town in search of new teenage adventures, spending the weekends at the only small f*cked up rock pub there was and simply being up to nonsense all of the time.
You see I'm a little melancholic today... ;)

Architects is definitely a band that I would have to add to the soundtrack of my life if I had to name one.
I've known the music for a long time but somehow it was not before me and P broke up that I started engaging myself with their songs again. Thanks to P I know a lot of great bands that I would have missed out otherwise. We definitely shaped each other's taste in music over the last ten years and I will miss him coming home excited like a kid with a bunch of new records that would play all evening. Oh, the good old times again...
Anyway, a few months ago I started listening to all the Architects albums again, especially to their recent one and after a few replays it really blew me away. I already knew their "Hollow Crown" but from there to the recent "Daybreak" their style has changed a bit and I like them even more.
The lyrics are brilliant and the mood, the atmosphere of the music is a really good mix of thoughtful, angry, profound and sad.
They are mostly labeled as a metalcore or mathcore band, but I suck at labeling bands so I can only tell you to listen to the music yourself and get an own opinion about it if you're interested.

So, here we find ourselves on another Sunday again. Why oh why is the weekend over so quickly?
The weather forecast said it would be 20°C today but it seems the sun had other things in mind. I will try to go out and get some fresh air though, I'm waiting for my mum to call and come around for a coffee or if she can't come I'll meet a friend later.
What are your plans for today?

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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  1. du hast ein architects shirt bei kleiderkreisel gefunden?! ich bin überrascht :D
    sehr schönes outfit-würde ich genauso tragen

  2. Great outfit. I like your boots. :)

  3. You look great!

  4. Amazing boots! & I love the band tee!

  5. This is a really wonderful casual look, love the band tee and those studded boots!! I love rediscovering bands that I used to love, they always have such nostalgia and memories attached

  6. cool'n'comfy! love those boots!

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin'? let me know.
    see you around!

    a possible fantasy

  7. yeah but you don't look like a really ugly emo, you look like a grown up proper punk/emoish person. Which is cool

    xx Domenic

  8. I love your boots! I want them <3

  9. Wow ich finde dein Outfit super schön! Vorallem die Boots und die Bluse:) Schön kombiniert!

    Bei mir läuft gerade ein Gewinnspiel auf dem Blog
    Würd mich freuen wenn du vorbei schaust
    Lg Jasmin

  10. amazing boots

  11. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Dein Outfit ist echt wunderschön, vor allem die hammer Stiefel!

    Hab einen ganz tollen Abend heut,

  12. great outfit!
    I really like the boots. you're pretty ♥

  13. Das T-Shirt ist fantastisch und ich mag dein Outfit als Ganzes total! Coole Boots und die Farben des Hemds sind auch super. :)

  14. Die Boots gefallen mir richtig gut! :)

  15. I keep getting strange nostalgic feelings for the high school days and all the things I thought were cool back then, so I'm definitely feeling this outfit! Such a cool and casual vibe!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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