Friday, 12 April 2013

let’s fake another toast to the good life

Hi guys!

How is everyone doing? Hope your week went well so far! Only one more day to go until weekend, hooray! Plans anyone? I don't have many apart from a housewarming party tomorrow night, which will definitely be fun because it'll happen with the right people.

Have I told you how much I've been celebrating Macklemore's music lately? No I haven't, so here's what's up: everytime I feel like getting in a bad mood I turn up the volume and shake it to Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us - and the world's my friend again. It's so amazing that music can always bring you up from your downs. And normally I don't even listen to hip hop - but this guy, damn, f*cking awesome!
There are other great tracks on the album The Heist too, but these two above-mentioned are the best, I could play them on repeat all day without getting sick of them. Also the lyrics are amazing in both the funny and the serious songs.
Highly recommended record!!

The outfit in the photos is what I wore on my day off yesterday. It's so me! It includes everything I like: black skinny jeans, flat shoes, cute prints, a nerdy tote, my favourite jacket, a beanie and a circle scarf - perfection to me! The ultimate feel-good casual look!
And I love it when people give me puzzled looks because of this "bad hair day" hat and the bag, so funny to see their reactions! Okay, I don't even understand why this hat puzzles people?! But what do I know, I'm only a  nerd with a very strange humour...
Anyways, in addition I would like to say again that I'm a sucker swapping clothes via Kleiderkreisel! These supercute Vans slippers, ladies and gentlemen, cost me nothing but the shipping costs for the item I swapped them for! Scooore! Yes! Swapping platforms are one of the best inventions everrrr.

Hm what else? I'm pretty tired today for I couldn't sleep last night, now my brain feels squishy and I barely made it through the four hours at the office earlier. You know, I even had my martial arts class yesterday with endurance training and all, so I was physically exhausted when I got home. Still my head was not tired at all, so I killed time with radio play, music and thoughts about the world and his wife.
Damn, I need to learn how to focus my concentration. Maybe I should really try a Tai Chi class or something like that? Does anyone have experiences with it? 

Have a wonderful Thursday my loves!!

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  1. hübsches alltagsoutft :)
    mir gefällt deine jacke und v.a. der beanie sehr :D
    lg ;**

  2. I love this look, you look so urban and chic, but warm and cosy too!

    XO Amie

  3. Bunny and heart print in the same look?! I love it!! This is such a great casual look, love that jacket

  4. Thank you! That song is always replaying in my head haha;)

  5. Those kicks are so adorable!!!! As is your bunny print top.

    Also, great windows down, volume up, bass knockin, stuck in traffic kinda song. Love his new song that's out.

    With <3 from California,
    Hope you visit my page! Follow me and I'll follow you back!

  6. those pieces are so cool!! the beanie, the star wars tote, the rabbit top!! TOO RAD! :D love it

    Click me for my blog!

  7. yet another super cute look dear!

  8. Such a cool casual look. I love the layering in this outfit. Your green jacket is a fantastic versatile piece and your heart print shoes are so cute!

  9. ein outfit genau nach meinem geschmack! total cool!

  10. Carina, you are looking greater with each post, how do you do it o.o I mean from your post of your most embarrassing outfit until this post, you really have grown and matured a lot, so I like what I am seeing <3

    Give your head a rest, music is a good way. I do agree with you ^^ Hahaha not sure if Tai Chi works but you could give it a try :P

    I too don't get why it would be puzzling for the Bad Hair Day tote lol, I think it's clearly stating the obvious already >D

    Really cute print shoe and shirt! Like real cute <3

    Quest is fun when its done with a group of friends. If I have to grind alone I would fall asleep on my keyboard =P

  11. I need your beanie!!! Cool look.


  12. Die Mütze gefällt mir richtig gut!

    Genieße dein Wochenende! :p

  13. amazing parka

  14. You look lovely! Like the tote bag, I've been using these for the past few weeks. It's so easy to fling anything into it (but it's difficult to actually find what you've shoved in there such as house keys!!! Ha!

    Bless, sorry to hear you couldn't sleep. You could always book a massage or go for a swim? I find them both quite relaxing!


  15. First of all, can I just say that I absolutely love your blog title, your hair and your lip ring??! :D :D Too much to love, honestly!!

    Macklemore's Thrift Shop is getting a little overplayed on the radios here (in Malaysia) so I'm quite put off now but since you've mentioned other great tracks worth listening to, I'll give him (them?) another chance. Lol.

    Thanks for the recs!

  16. I need to get some shoes like that, but some checkered ones. Like the punk aesthetic.

    xx Domenic

  17. Total süßes Outfit, dieser Hasenprint ist ja echt herzallerliebst!


  18. very pretty everyday look! I adore those details!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. your blog is adorable! following you now

  19. nice outfit !! i love your top and shoes

  20. Die Mütze ist sooooo geil!
    Und ich hoffe du hattest ganz viel Spaß bei deiner Party, aber wie du ja schon schreibst, es kommt immer nur auf die richtigen Leute an, die mit feiern :)
    Und zum Thema arrogant wirken... das gleiche hat mir auch ne andre Bloggerin auf den Post geschrieben und ich kanns bei dir genau so wenig verstehen wie bei ihr.
    Ich find einfach dass du sau sympathisch wirkst!

    Das Outfit find ich übrigens auch mal wieder sehr geil, aber ich mag eigentlich alle von dir sehr gerne!

  21. This is my kinda outfit. Love every little bit! x

  22. Ein wirklich süßes Outfit :)
    Mag vor allem die Häschenbluse!
    Außerdem machst du tolle Photos <3
    Liebste Grüße


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